WiBro - Egg for iPhone - Korea = Skype Free Call From Korea

Wi Bro Egg, Korea
WiBro Egg, Korea

The first things first: did you heard the news that the popular Apple iPhone is all set to enter the South KOREA, long awaited wait for Koreans seems to come to an end?! (South Korea's telecom regulator board told that Apple Inc. can now sell the popular iPhone handsets in Korea, as the Korea Communications Commission {KCC} lifted the ban on the popular apple iphone device)


So you wonder, that when there is still no Apple's iPhone entered into South Korea, than how Talkfree7 is talking to make free unlimited international Skype VOIP call from Korea; thats too using an Apple iPhone / iPod Touch, but how, if it is true?




Well, answer lies here, you can still make free unlimited Skype to Skype international VOIP calls from an Apple iPhone / iPod Touch from Korea... :

all you need to be in, South Korea > get a WiMAX subscription with your Korean mobile (cell) phone company > now you have to get a wireless router for your WiMAX which is known as an “egg” (an 'egg' is a portable Wi-Max / Wi-Fi router device and rather a new concept) > Have an Apple's iPhone or iPod Touch > download Skype VoIP for Apple iPhone from Apple iTune Store,

We should also know some tech terms to understand the very complicated concept for a layman, according to Wikipedia:

What is WiBro?



"WiBro (Wireless Broadband or as they say it as 'Wi-Fi on steroids') is a wireless broadband Internet technology developed by the South Korean telecoms industry. WiBro is the South Korean service name for IEEE 802.16e (mobile WiMAX) international standard.... and a Wibro Egg is sold by Korea-based fixed-line-operator KT, which is produced by the company Interbro ... " wibro is designed to maintain the connectivity on the go or mobile connectivity, in fact it is an an improved mobile wireless broadband


What is an 'Egg'?

Egg: WiBro is Korea's largest phone company and also an ISP / Internet provider, they have a wireless portable gateway, called as “The Egg” (This 'egg' was developed along with Interbro, this egg portable wimax / wi-fi portable device will also receive the marketing support from Apple Korea. Interbro is currently focusing the release of this technological egg in Japan, Russian and the United States of America, [Interbro is also branded as Yota in Korea)!

The Wibro Egg is sold by Korea-based fixed-line-operator KT, and according to Korea Times: "KT will market this portable gateway, dubbed as an "Egg,” which will enable WiBro on Wi-Fi devices such as laptop computers, portable media players, iPod Touch and Nintendo DS"



WiMAXian.com: Interbro egg to Become Yota egg,The Portable WiMAX/WiFi Router:





The New York Times had a story, is similar to Korean Egg, they had reviewed a similar portable wireless mobile device for the United States which is now used by Verizon’s cellular network for the mobile connectivity, its known as: The MiFi 2200 and it was developed by Novatel Wireless,



Skype on iPod Touch in Korea:


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