TextPlus: Free iPhone / iPod App, Send Free SMS to US


USA: TextPlus, an Apple iPhone free App on the Apple iTunes, has been released recently to send Free Text Messages using Apple iPhone / Apple iPod Touch, it could reduce the worrying teens' parents’ cellular phone bill, significantly!

Just download for free app from Apple iTune Stores, on your iPhone or iPod Touch,

TextPlus is powered by Gogii {go-jee}, Gogii is a start--up and backed by $5.2 million from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers’ iFund, they love to invest in the companies who designs Apple iPhone applications.)

TextPlushas this Application for iPhone and Apple iPods and it offers unlimited free text messaging / sms, the good thing is this iPhone app also allows for the group texting or group text conversations!

Site explains Free Texting as:

"Send texts over wifi -- no cell, edge or 3G required, Write texts in landscape mode – finally, Send texts for free -- no cost, no limit,

Not all your friends have iPhones? No problem. We’ve got you covered. Download textPlus, send your friends a text, start the conversation. It’s as easy as that.”

Since the very inception (June 2009) of this free messaging app on Apple iTune store, the free SMS 80,000+ monthly users had aired more than 1.6 million a day messages, my God…

Gogii uses AT&T to send these ‘free’ text messages, is finding hard for the cost?! But Gogii is still hopeful that very soon they could have the beating costs revenue model, and which is by substituting the costs with Ad based model,

After all how could a FREE thing survive? (in the world, where we live with, the survival of the fittest?) unless its a sponsored model or an Ad based pool!

Wireless, Mobility, PDAs are the future and the next gen is surely going to become heavily dependent on these future technologies, VOIP, 3G, 4G, LTE, FemtoCell, WAP would be enhanced more sophistically and many more will emerge with the coming times ...




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