Skype VOIP & Wi-Fi-iPhone Call from American Airlines

Andy Abramson – VOIP Watch, thank you again! I always enjoy your VOIP blogging way, it is always has something unique and your way of penning the things is mind blowing! Keep it up Buddy!!!

Well, Andy had shifted my attention to a great story which had been appeared in USA Today's web site, it is all about the VOIP / Wi-Fi calling on board over the air / from the sky, while travelling in an American Airlines airplane...

Debate is hot over the cell phone / cellular phone ethics or etiquettes and manners as now-a-days the airlines are having a challenge to ban the use of cell phone calls on planes while in the blues, but allowing Wi-Fi or web calling, also invites / allows some geeks or tech savvy consumer to get around the no cellphone rule, is it proper?

Like, here a passenger on-board used his cellular phone to make a voice call over the air using Wi-Fi in the airplane with the help of VOIP technology, truphone VoIP VOIP application was downloaded on Apple's iPhone to make a voice call from the skies to the Earth! Amazing combination of wireless, cellular, VOIP, Wi-Fi etc technologies in mid air!

Also read from USA Today: ... "Flessing also booted his laptop and video-conference-d with his brother using Skype, another VoIP application. He turned his computer to face the window so his brother could see the clouds. "My brother says, "How are you doing this?' ... Flessing says he experienced no trouble in using using Skype during his flight and had no image interruption during the video call to his brother. But, "I think I may have been the only one using" Wi-Fi, he says"

This seems to be very lucrative and mind-blowing to use VOIP voice call within an aeroplane, mid air, but need some stricter rules and regulations as it always can annoy the fellow passengers and may breach the airline security, we are living in a very world where the security of passengers could never be staked ...

So the question arises is whether making a mobile phone call while in a plane is against manners or are good?! USA Today rightly argued that, "It's a controversial issue that's triggering fierce debate among travellers, airlines and regulators. Federal regulations prohibit in-flight cellphone use — but not Internet-based phone calls...It's all the more controversial because airlines in Europe, Asia and the Middle East allow calls and have even taken it a step further by introducing pay-by-minute cellphone service using satellites."

… Last time Andy explained how did he successfully used the Skype VOIP smart call technology over the air using, on-board Flash based technology which allows to make a voice call over the Flash application with your Twitter pals!

What you think? Does the issue needs to be settled with the airlines involved, passengers and the governments that VOIP web calling technology should be how much allowed or not on-board for making voice calls for the safety and convenience of all involved!?

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