Skype For iPhone / iPod: Canada's Mobile - VOIP Hits Maple Leaves Country!

Thanks, the latest and breaking news in the Mobile VOIP arena is that now all of the ignored Canadians (Maple Land) can too use Skype VOIP at their own mobile-Apple iPhone / iPod Touch handsets,

Skype for Apple iPhone for Canadians could be downloaded with Apple iTune stores now and Canadians can enjoy unlimited free international call (Skype to Skype) on the move using their Apple iPhone mobile handsets, its ready now, just get set go and download iPhone for Skype software on Apple iPhone mobile handsets in Canada, (P2P) is an E-Bay company (recently E-Bay sold its shares) and the most popular VOIP innovation in the world, anybody, anywhere can always talk for free using Skype to Skype (using web or a Skype enabled mobile phone) free calling facility, thats too with free unlimited video calls and crystal clear voice quality, Skype the VOIP also has some subscription based unlimited world calling monthly plans like whole world, Europe etc,

Apple iPhone and BlackBerry are one of the most popular mobile handsets brands / companies on this Earth and when a Mobile VOIP brand like SKYPE blends with Apple iPhone, its could really create a wonder, Skype was available for Apple iPhone but not for Canada, but now Canada residents can also use the Skype VOIP on their iPhone and enjoy the unlimited free Skype to Skype international VOIP call and free international phone communications at the ease of there mobile iPhone handsets, wirelessly!

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