Free Twitter (IP) Phone Call: Jajah Partners To Make 2 Minutes Free Phone To Phone International Calling

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[email protected]: Tweet To Talk-Free, using Phone (IP) Calling for two minutes with other Twitter followers!

Forget Skype VOIP web calling, use your cell phone now, the popular online social network and micro blogging service Twitter and VOIP Jajah, (the IP telephony company, JAJAH has been certified by Microsoft to provide integrated SIP Trunking services to Microsoft customers worldwide) have joined hands to make enable the Twitter followers to make a free phone VOICE call (using VOIP / web technology) with other Twitter users,

Thanks to Jajah VOIP's new web calling application which enables 2 minutes free phone to phone calling between Twitter followers anywhere (At the launch though, @call will connect only to U.S. numbers)!

Make free 2 minutes VOIP call using Twitter with Jajah, and what they named as: [email protected] to other [email protected] users is always free,

This free VOIP phone call arrangement is all free, easy to use, hassle free and YES it works wonder, you can use it in any way you use Twitter like whether it’s on your mobile / cell phone, via Seesmic, TweetDeck, or any other way you love to use your Twitter!

Right now this VOIP free phone to phone call from Twitter and VOIP Jajah is in beta and available only to few lucky guys on earth, if you wish to use free phone calling with Twitter and Jajah and are not in this beta arrangement than you can send an email to get an invitation from Jajah the VOIP, send email here [email protected]

How To make Free VOIP Twitter Call with Jajah:


How to use [email protected] Free Call service from Jajah VOIP and Twitter MicroBlogging Social online Network:

Well, to call for free on Twitter and Jajah VOIP, send a tweet with “@call @twittername” and here "twittername" is the "username" of the guy you wish to make free VOIP Web call.

Then your phone will ring/beep and the free IP call will be connected, do not worry all of your contact details will be kept private, and you can always use [email protected] without worrying, revealing or giving away your phone number to anyone, but remember for the free call to be successful, both You and the guy you wish to call must be JAJAH members (so sign up Jajah).

You should now let other Twitterers / people know that they can @call you for free: send them a tweet as "call me free - reply with @call", Or simply add "[email protected]" to your account info so your people could that know you are the very part of the free web call beta.

Remember that to protect the privacy, Twitter-Jajah free phone calls are anonymous phone calls and can only be made between the people who follow you on Twitter, and yes no hardware or software is even required like headset, no download, no software, no credit card numbers, no hidden costs, no fine prints, just make use of the phone / mobile / cell phone you are already using!

Twitter is one of the best online social platform and microblogging site that makes virtual world unite, many businesses are getting big biz due to ever growing Twitter power and reach, The Jajah is an IP telephony company and a renowned name in VOIP growing future technology so when two giants shake their hands what happens? Free International phone to phone calls : ) Its a sweet arrangement,

Remember to make a free two minutes phone to phone international voice call using Twitter-Jajah your only requirement are: you both the parties should be 'Twitter friends' and both must have a ‘Jajah accounts’. This is a free service and should work on any Twitter enabled device / gadget,

(FYI: A few days back we all heard the announcement that another popular web social network the Facebook users also will now be able to communicate each other with voice, using a third party software application from Vivox...)

Prior to this and also now one could do free calls using with its web based FLASH voice calling VOIP facility with twitter followers!

To make a quick note / at a glance:

How does it work?

1. Both you and the person you are calling must be in the @Call Beta - to apply, email: [email protected]
2. Tweet “@call @username”(using the username of the person you wish to call)
3. JAJAH will connect the call without revealing either party’s contact information
4. To protect privacy, calls can only be made to people who follow you."


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