Why is there a SOS for Skype from Joltid on P2P?



Skype is 'going'; Long Live Skype!

VOIP is the future, Skype is the King of VOIP, and Skype is in s BIG trouble! Can you imagine living without Skype VOIP Free Internet calling?

Skype VOIP Brief:

Well, the heading of this post is neither the jugglery of the words, nor its a riddle or a puzzle, as we know E-Bay's IP telephone or Internet telephony is known as SKYPE, the most innovative and popular VOIP software around the globe having 405+ million worlwide members : )

Brand Skype is a popular VOIP (Voice-Over-Internet -Protocol) call provider to the world, created in 2003 by Estonians, its a company owned by E-Bay Inc. (Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom & Janus Friis sold this most innovative and valuable VOIP platform to the Ebay for $2.6 billion in 2005), Skype VOIP works on a core technology: P2P (peer to peer) technology and this P2P is provided to Skype via another company named as JOLTID (Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom & Janus Friis did not included P2P technology in his 'SKYPE selling package' while selling the Skype to the E-Bay, it was like selling the Mc-Donald’s for billions of dollars without disclosing any recipes of its popular Burgers an all : ) , why did E-Bay buyed Skype without P2P core licence is a big question? )

...the relations between E-Bay and Joltid are at stake right now over the patent and licencing dispute, read more...



People do at-least two things daily in their 'Second Life' / or at the Virtual world; the first thing is the Google search and the another one is Skype VOIP worldwide calling,

...IP Gurus say that Skype could be forced to shut down its VOIP operations as its (E-Bay's) licensing agreement with its P2P (peer to peer technology) providing company name: JOLTID (Joltid was established in 2001, by team or Estonian creators of Kazaa) is at the stakes,

P2P company Joltid had accused eBay that they had changed a software code, "Global Index" used in the system to deliver P2P, and according to JOLTID this is clearly against the agreed terms, thus eBay came to a legal action against JOLTID P2P provider, E-Bay says that P2P providing software to Skype lease could not be terminated!



The tech giants are at a legal war and the legal jugglery of the words had overridden or has taken whole of the tech / international video call-VOIP world, Internet telephony is seems to be lurching in the pockets of smart shareholders, lawyers and barristers for now!

Skype and E-Bay had also started the work on an alternative but an undisclosed technology to fill the gap of JOLTID'S-P2P, if they fails in the legal battle with JOLTID,

Lets the Skype Free Call rocks, communication is vital and much vital when its free and sans boundaries, let it not stop and let it not be the part of a legal controversy, we Love Skype, let the Skype ring, Long Live VOIP-Skype : )

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