Online SkypeIn Numbers For South Africa, Netherlands and Malta

Skype the VOIP call King has announced that the persons residing in the South Africa, the Netherlands and the Malta now have the facility of Skype online numbers (SkypeIn).

The SkypeIn number is very convenient for your Non Skype contacts and users, as they can reach and dial your online SkypeIn number and get reach your Skype via their landline or mobile, wherever you are, they do not need to be a Skyper!

This SkypeIn Online numbers costs a bit: €15/$18/£14 for 3 months or €50/$60/£37 for a full year (€17.25/£16.05 and €57.50/£40.25 where VAT applies, respectively).

This SkypeIn number cost can be lowered up to 50% off this cost if you buy or you already have a Skype's monthly subscription,

Remember that Skype to Skype Video or Audio unlimited international calling is always free, irrespective of any country or place, it’s a VOIP calling and free from anywhere to anywhere with great sound and video picture quality,

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