Via-Talk VOIP: A Free Broad-Band Phone System

Via-Talk VOIP: Free Broad-Band Phone System

Try this below to make free call to America (USA) phone to phone, its a simple VOIP web calling widget which works on Broad-Band and thus could be said a broadband phone system on the web,

I had not tried this broadband VOIP phone system and our readers could better tell us if this Web calling VOIP really works or not, I am just an online researcher and a freelancer who writes the newest VOIP online resources for Talkfree7 blog, Talkfree7 is my hobby and full time job, I am not an VOIP expert or self proclaimed VOIP Guru, just an ordinary person like any body, so if this do not work, pl do not brickbat me : ) there are many other Free VOIP Call resources on Talkfree7 which really do work, just make a search ...

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