US To Canada Free Phone Call: Google Voice

Dial Free UNLIMITED Call to Canada from USA, Google Voice the Google's has opened its door for Americans to make the free UNLIMITED anytime international calls to Canada from continental US of A (or who have a working USA phone number)!

Remember unlimited calls within the US of A are still free from the VOIP wing of giant search engine the Google, The Google Voice, previously known as the Grand Central

To make free US call or to make free call to Canada from the US using Google Voice, just launch the phone call from your inbox online, from Google Voice's new mobile apps, or just dial your own Google Voice phone number from one of your phone than select option 2 to make a free phone call.

Right now Google VOICE is available only in America (USA), so obviously one should have a working USA phone number to initiate a Google VOICE VOIP account,

There may be a trick for the internationals too who wish to use Google Voice, using FREE USA DID numbers perhaps you can too make free international call to America and Canada, just try and comment your experience and trail and error methods here, if any : ) Thank you.


Google Voice Blog: Calls To Canada Are Free Again:

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