Skype Click To Call Ads: Turns Phone Number Into Paid Ads

Skype, the peer-to-peer Internet telephony service and the largest and popular VOIP international call (Skype to Skype has free unlimited international VOIP calls, anytime, anywhere) provider on the Earth has an innovative business model: Click to call Ads that turns the phone numbers into the paid Advertisements (Ads),

Skype VOIP has 405 million+ global users, and Skype's revenues last year were around $551 million, its ever increasing but right now the Skype which is an E-Bay Inc. company is in a legal tussle with an another company Joltid, who provides P2P the core technology behind the Skype VOIP calling,

Anyways, Skype VOIP had initiated some innovative trials in Europe & New Zealand with Yellow Pages (YP) businesses and directories, its unique "click to call Ads" service turns business phone numbers on the Internet into free calls (of course VOIP).

The Click-to-call ads is already being been tried before by Google etc too, but this turns any actual phone number into an advertisement, just click it, and you are on the very call, the business for you were seeking for, this call is free for you but would be paid by the business or the Yellow Pages partner.

The $32 billion+ Yellow Pages industry is trying to inculcate the power of the Web and the Skype VOIP has the innovation and the power to enhance this business model to turn any phone number into a paid Ad, found on the Web, could be a new monetization strategy for Skype and YP and the free business call for an online customer, its a win-win preposition : )

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