Meaning Of The Word 'Skype': What is it?

World's largest unlimited free VOIP international video conferencing and audio free call provider to the world is known as the SKYPE! A strange name, quoting Shakespeare: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose" ...

Did you ever tried to cut the knot that what actually SKYPE means? Well Skype's nomenclature is bit interesting,

According to Skype Blog:

"it's a Chuvash word ... meaning "The whole world can talk for free" ....

When the founders of VOIP Skype Niklas and few other mates started this innovative world calling project, they perhaps have one and only thing in their respective mind and that was, to make the whole of the globe talk for free, hence they were in a need for a name accordingly which could truly provide a 'soul' to their innovation most artistically and creatively,

While going through the nomenclature process, one of the names which popped up was: "Sky peer-to-peer" (P2P or peer to peer is the core technology behind the Skype VOIP calling and is provided by a company Joltid), subsequently "Sky peer-to-peer" got shortened as "Skyper".

But when some domain names were searched for the name SKYPER, few were already booked, Oops! Whats now, than makers of Skype did thought to remove the letter "r" and shortened it further to device the word: "Skype". Cheers!!! It sounds pretty cool and voila all the relevant the domains too were available!!!

...So SKYPE was the next word for the communication world!

In the beginning like everything, people disliked or misunderstood the word SKYPE, they got to asked, "Skype, what is it? A bird? perhaps a disease?" or what the heck it is?

But when with the time guys over the world and WWW learned Skype revolution, power and innovation the name SKYPE seems no boundaries : ) for Skype, the Sky was the limit, it was the beginning of a new Skypian era : )

Whatever may be the literal meaning of the word SKYPE, but to the common World this SKYPE word simply denotes, VOIP calling or web video call conferencing or Free Internet IP call or simply a business which means fastest and most innovative P2P communications which even transact / sans the national borders : )



Unknown said...

This is terribly written. I'm hoping the person who wrote this first language isn't english.

kartikshradha said...

Yeah you are right, my first lang is not English, despite I am serving this English World : )

kartikshradha said...

you know the word 'English' should start with the Capital letter, am I right?

Anonymous said...

Ahaha! Chuvash word! I like it.

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