Funambol-MVOIP for Mobile Cloud Sync, Open Source Solution (originally from Italy now in California, US) is an open source software, which specializes in cellular / mobile cloud sync / mobile software meant for synchronizing the mobile devices, their claim is that they serve over 2 billion of them : )

Funambol announced that it will have a service that permits mobile VOIP or MVOIP uses to meld contacts from a number of end points like from: emails, mobile phone contact directories, social networks etc,

this mobile VOIP cloud sync service, will sell through to mobile VoIP service providers, and would help mobile VoIP users to have an enhanced access, more contact info thus will increase the use and utility of their respective mobile VoIP service.

...and they say that Funambol mobile VOIP cloud sync is perhaps the only mobile cloud sync company that offers this kinda service, that’s too for free, with Google's Sync, Apple MobileMe, Nokia's Ovi Sync, Microsoft's MyPhone etc, they all are competing for their respective market shares already in free cloud sync software niche....

Interesting VOIP Terminology


Cloud: A cloud is a big hosting centre. Your stuff no longer runs on a particular computer using a specific operating system. It’s just in the system somewhere. It’s in the cloud.

Sync: is short for synchronize. Synchronizing, in this case, means making two things the same. The file here is the same as the file there, and they’re kept the same even after one side changes.

Mobile: is what Europeans call cell phones or cell-like devices. Funambol was originally Italian, but they’re now based in Redwood City, Calif. I think there is an Olive Garden in Palo Alto.”...

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