Mobi Text for making Free International Calls by SMS

Makers of the Freedom Calls fame have now something revolutionary for the Australians, Free International mobile calls using Text Messaging / SMS…

Australia is zooming and rocking with this new kind of service and TALKFREE7 is the very first to dig and explore this kind of unique free international call service for the benefit of its readers : ) Thanks to Nizi (the CEO and the Owner of Proud Freedom Calls), for releasing the very first PR with Talkfree7,

Send a text message with the word – “TOPUP” to 0424 215 599 and make Free International Calls!

You can use the service in 3 Easy steps –

Step 1 : Send a Text Message –

Send a text message with the word –“Topup” to Access Number 0424215599.

Step 2 : Check your destination and allocated credit for each text message sent.

For every successful text message sent you collect credit to call overseas free depending upon your destination.

For example: To Call India for every 2 sms sent you get 1 minute of talk time. For 10 sms you get 5 minutes to call India.

Step 3 : Now you are ready to make Free International calls.

To make free overseas calls simply dial our landline access number from the same mobile or landline*.

Sydney 02 9004 2024

Melbourne 03 8416 7024

Format to dial: 0011 + Country code + Destination Number + #

E.g. to call India – 0011 + 91 + 9829227700 + #

And if you dial from landline than dial the access number listen to the message and at the end it will ask you for a pin number and use the same mobile number as the pin which you had used earlier to send text messages.

This service would be great to use if you are on an unlimited sms plan or if you can sms at very cheap rate to Australian mobiles as you can send as many sms’s you like to top up and collect International Credit to make Free International Calls!

If you are a frequent caller and will chatting for hours than use our Group SMS feature and send one text message to get 10 minutes worth of credit.

How much would the sms cost me?

Cost of the sms depends upon your mobile phone carrier; they do not charge you anything for send sms to us.

Is it a premium number where I send the sms?

No it is not a premium number is just another local Australian mobile number.

How long this credit is valid for?

Credit is valid for 90 days from the time of recharge.

Is there any limit to how many sms I can send to top up?

No there is no limit to how many sms you can send; the more you send more talk time you get to speak to you friends and family overseas.

Can I send sms from any mobile network?

Yes you can send the sms from any mobile network or internet, till the time it gets delivered to our mobile access number you get the credit to make Free International calls.

Do I need to sign up or set up an account to use the service?

You simply need to send us Text messages to use the service, no need to sign up or open an account to use the service.

Refer to SMSTOPUP for full details:


Nizi Bhandari said...

Hello Piyush,

Thanks for featuring our new site I am sure our Australian customer base would love this new feature !

Kind Regards,

Nizi Bhandari

kartikshradha said...

Thanks Dear Nizi for a kidful visit, I hope our international customers too could take the benefit of this if one could suggest some free text messaging service to Australia, we wish the very best to this unique service under the umbrella of Freedom Calls, Cheers : )

Jack said...

thanks alot, tried it today. Works like a charm

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