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US To Canada Free Phone Call: Google Voice

Dial Free UNLIMITED Call to Canada from USA, Google Voice the Google's has opened its door for Americans to make the free UNLIMITED anytime international calls to Canada from continental US of A (or who have a working USA phone number)!

Remember unlimited calls within the US of A are still free from the VOIP wing of giant search engine the Google, The Google Voice, previously known as the Grand Central

To make free US call or to make free call to Canada from the US using Google Voice, just launch the phone call from your inbox online, from Google Voice's new mobile apps, or just dial your own Google Voice phone number from one of your phone than select option 2 to make a free phone call.


Right now Google VOICE is available only in America (USA), so obviously one should have a working USA phone number to initiate a Google VOICE VOIP account,

There may be a trick for the internationals too who wish to use Google Voice, using FREE USA DID numbers perhaps you can too make free international call to America and Canada, just try and comment your experience and trail and error methods here, if any : ) Thank you.


Google Voice Blog: Calls To Canada Are Free Again:

Via-Talk VOIP: A Free Broad-Band Phone System

Via-Talk VOIP: Free Broad-Band Phone System

Try this below to make free call to America (USA) phone to phone, its a simple VOIP web calling widget which works on Broad-Band and thus could be said a broadband phone system on the web,


I had not tried this broadband VOIP phone system and our readers could better tell us if this Web calling VOIP really works or not, I am just an online researcher and a freelancer who writes the newest VOIP online resources for Talkfree7 blog, Talkfree7 is my hobby and full time job, I am not an VOIP expert or self proclaimed VOIP Guru, just an ordinary person like any body, so if this do not work, pl do not brickbat me : ) there are many other Free VOIP Call resources on Talkfree7 which really do work, just make a search ...

Meaning Of The Word 'Skype': What is it?


World's largest unlimited free VOIP international video conferencing and audio free call provider to the world is known as the SKYPE! A strange name, quoting Shakespeare: "What's in a name? That which we call a rose" ...

Did you ever tried to cut the knot that what actually SKYPE means? Well Skype's nomenclature is bit interesting,

According to Skype Blog:

"it's a Chuvash word ... meaning "The whole world can talk for free" ....

When the founders of VOIP Skype Niklas and few other mates started this innovative world calling project, they perhaps have one and only thing in their respective mind and that was, to make the whole of the globe talk for free, hence they were in a need for a name accordingly which could truly provide a 'soul' to their innovation most artistically and creatively,

While going through the nomenclature process, one of the names which popped up was: "Sky peer-to-peer" (P2P or peer to peer is the core technology behind the Skype VOIP calling and is provided by a company Joltid), subsequently "Sky peer-to-peer" got shortened as "Skyper".

But when some domain names were searched for the name SKYPER, few were already booked, Oops! Whats now, than makers of Skype did thought to remove the letter "r" and shortened it further to device the word: "Skype". Cheers!!! It sounds pretty cool and voila all the relevant the domains too were available!!!

...So SKYPE was the next word for the communication world!

In the beginning like everything, people disliked or misunderstood the word SKYPE, they got to asked, "Skype, what is it? A bird? perhaps a disease?" or what the heck it is?

But when with the time guys over the world and WWW learned Skype revolution, power and innovation the name SKYPE seems no boundaries : ) for Skype, the Sky was the limit, it was the beginning of a new Skypian era : )




Whatever may be the literal meaning of the word SKYPE, but to the common World this SKYPE word simply denotes, VOIP calling or web video call conferencing or Free Internet IP call or simply a business which means fastest and most innovative P2P communications which even transact / sans the national borders : )




Skype Click To Call Ads: Turns Phone Number Into Paid Ads



Skype, the peer-to-peer Internet telephony service and the largest and popular VOIP international call (Skype to Skype has free unlimited international VOIP calls, anytime, anywhere) provider on the Earth has an innovative business model: Click to call Ads that turns the phone numbers into the paid Advertisements (Ads),

Skype VOIP has 405 million+ global users, and Skype's revenues last year were around $551 million, its ever increasing but right now the Skype which is an E-Bay Inc. company is in a legal tussle with an another company Joltid, who provides P2P the core technology behind the Skype VOIP calling,

Anyways, Skype VOIP had initiated some innovative trials in Europe & New Zealand with Yellow Pages (YP) businesses and directories, its unique "click to call Ads" service turns business phone numbers on the Internet into free calls (of course VOIP).




The Click-to-call ads is already being been tried before by Google etc too, but this turns any actual phone number into an advertisement, just click it, and you are on the very call, the business for you were seeking for, this call is free for you but would be paid by the business or the Yellow Pages partner.

The $32 billion+ Yellow Pages industry is trying to inculcate the power of the Web and the Skype VOIP has the innovation and the power to enhance this business model to turn any phone number into a paid Ad, found on the Web, could be a new monetization strategy for Skype and YP and the free business call for an online customer, its a win-win preposition : )

Online SkypeIn Numbers For South Africa, Netherlands and Malta

Skype the VOIP call King has announced that the persons residing in the South Africa, the Netherlands and the Malta now have the facility of Skype online numbers (SkypeIn).

The SkypeIn number is very convenient for your Non Skype contacts and users, as they can reach and dial your online SkypeIn number and get reach your Skype via their landline or mobile, wherever you are, they do not need to be a Skyper!

This SkypeIn Online numbers costs a bit: €15/$18/£14 for 3 months or €50/$60/£37 for a full year (€17.25/£16.05 and €57.50/£40.25 where VAT applies, respectively).

This SkypeIn number cost can be lowered up to 50% off this cost if you buy or you already have a Skype's monthly subscription,

Remember that Skype to Skype Video or Audio unlimited international calling is always free, irrespective of any country or place, it’s a VOIP calling and free from anywhere to anywhere with great sound and video picture quality,

Rediff's free STD Calls from India Mobiles



My friend Kunwar Vikas is brilliant when its free voip calling!

He shows on his VOIP Blog above, how to make an absolutely free STD call / long distance call (of one and half minutes duration, and this free VOIP call is not from Jaxtr or ibibo, its free from leading portal REDIFF.com for just posting free classified ads) to or within India using VOIP technology with the help of Rediff.com, a leading web portal, and your mobile or landline,

Note: STD calls costs from paise 0.50 to a maximum of Rs. 1.50 per minute in India according to the plan choose,

Thanks Vikas, Enjoy Free long distance calls / Rediff-STD Calls to / within India using web or VOIP call, with your landline or mobile phone,

Australia To China & Taiwan; VOIP Free Call

MO-Call.com is giving away this week free VOIP call from Australia to China and Taiwan, so call your near and dear ones for free from Australia and use VOIP free phone calls to China, Taiwan!


Free VOIP Call to China / Taiwan from Australia could be made using MO-Call daily till August 19th, from 16:00 till 20:00 Sydney Australia time, These Free VOIP calls can be dialled by using MO-Call Home, MO-Call PC, Mobile VoIP to any of the China landline / fixed or cellular / mobile number (+86) or Taiwanese fixed or mobile number (+886),

VOIP Call For Free: Hong-Kong To China Mainland


Free Phone Call:

Now make VOIP Call for free, from Hong-Kong to the China mainland for absolutely free of cost daily with the help MO-Call for the coming entire week, these free phone call From Hong Kong to China could be dialled daily till August 19th, 2009, these free call will be available from 16:00 until 20:00 HKT,

The Free VOIP phone call from Hong-Kong to China Mainland can be made via, MO-Call Home, MO-Call PC, Mobile VoIP to any of the Chinese Mainland fixed phone destination or any China mobile number (+86),



Why is there a SOS for Skype from Joltid on P2P?



Skype is 'going'; Long Live Skype!

VOIP is the future, Skype is the King of VOIP, and Skype is in s BIG trouble! Can you imagine living without Skype VOIP Free Internet calling?

Skype VOIP Brief:

Well, the heading of this post is neither the jugglery of the words, nor its a riddle or a puzzle, as we know E-Bay's IP telephone or Internet telephony is known as SKYPE, the most innovative and popular VOIP software around the globe having 405+ million worlwide members : )

Brand Skype is a popular VOIP (Voice-Over-Internet -Protocol) call provider to the world, created in 2003 by Estonians, its a company owned by E-Bay Inc. (Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom & Janus Friis sold this most innovative and valuable VOIP platform to the Ebay for $2.6 billion in 2005), Skype VOIP works on a core technology: P2P (peer to peer) technology and this P2P is provided to Skype via another company named as JOLTID (Skype founder Niklas Zennstrom & Janus Friis did not included P2P technology in his 'SKYPE selling package' while selling the Skype to the E-Bay, it was like selling the Mc-Donald’s for billions of dollars without disclosing any recipes of its popular Burgers an all : ) , why did E-Bay buyed Skype without P2P core licence is a big question? )

...the relations between E-Bay and Joltid are at stake right now over the patent and licencing dispute, read more...



People do at-least two things daily in their 'Second Life' / or at the Virtual world; the first thing is the Google search and the another one is Skype VOIP worldwide calling,

...IP Gurus say that Skype could be forced to shut down its VOIP operations as its (E-Bay's) licensing agreement with its P2P (peer to peer technology) providing company name: JOLTID (Joltid was established in 2001, by team or Estonian creators of Kazaa) is at the stakes,

P2P company Joltid had accused eBay that they had changed a software code, "Global Index" used in the system to deliver P2P, and according to JOLTID this is clearly against the agreed terms, thus eBay came to a legal action against JOLTID P2P provider, E-Bay says that P2P providing software to Skype lease could not be terminated!



The tech giants are at a legal war and the legal jugglery of the words had overridden or has taken whole of the tech / international video call-VOIP world, Internet telephony is seems to be lurching in the pockets of smart shareholders, lawyers and barristers for now!

Skype and E-Bay had also started the work on an alternative but an undisclosed technology to fill the gap of JOLTID'S-P2P, if they fails in the legal battle with JOLTID,

Lets the Skype Free Call rocks, communication is vital and much vital when its free and sans boundaries, let it not stop and let it not be the part of a legal controversy, we Love Skype, let the Skype ring, Long Live VOIP-Skype : )

What is P2P Technology:

How Does P2P Works:

People Search-LookUP-Reverse Cell-Trace: 566587



Nowadays a few key words are abundantly get searched or Googled like: Identify Unknown Callers, People Search, Trace, Track, Find, Reverse Cell, Mobile surveillance, Lookup, How to find anonymous caller number, Trace anonymous phone number etc and many PEOPLE SEARCH / Reverse cellular search engine are making good chunk of money using these,

Well, in USA the whitepages.com has launched a new service, which promises to lookup any phone number by just sending a text message from any 10 digit phone number to the number 566587 in USA!

You will even find the caller's name and address with this paid search service, yeah it reveals unknown caller's location too,

This reverse mobile trace / look up anonymous phone number search service works with any cellular phone or any phone in US and works with almost all major US Telcos like AT&T, Sprint, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, US Cellular, Nextel, Boost, ALLTEL, Virgin, NTelos, CellCom, Rural, Immix, Dobson, Eastern Kentucky, Cincinnati Bell…

The reverse mobile trace / look up anonymous phone number search service is not free but comes with a nominal rate of $1.99 / lookup + standard message charges and an unlimited reverse mobile trace / look up anonymous phone number search service is for USD 2.99 / month + standard messaging charges,

Watch YouTube Video To Understand the Concept:


Reverse mobile trace / find / look up anonymous phone number search technology is a boon for all in the USA, to trace the unknown call and caller,

A such service in the UK is known as:





Digium-Skype VOIP for Asterisk; IP-PBX, get it now





Digium, is the known name, maker, store & developer of the world's most widely used open source telephony platform:

The Asterisk, Digium announced that VOIP Skype for Asterisk open beta is available now,

Digium's free VOIP Skype for Asterisk open beta software enables the users to dial & receive Skype VOIP call from Asterisk phone systems

It is made available for ZERO Dollars / a free download till August 7, 2009 (Digium says that this Skype for Asterisk software is a "time-expiring" beta - thus the Skype for Asterisk software will stop working on August 31, 2009) and than thereafter Digium's open source VoIP Skype for Asterisk app will be sellable for per-license basis, pricing is yet to be announced,

Link to the Free Trial "purchase" page, VOIP Skype for Asterisk open beta:


Funambol-MVOIP for Mobile Cloud Sync, Open Source Solution




Funambol.com (originally from Italy now in California, US) is an open source software, which specializes in cellular / mobile cloud sync / mobile software meant for synchronizing the mobile devices, their claim is that they serve over 2 billion of them : )

Funambol announced that it will have a service that permits mobile VOIP or MVOIP uses to meld contacts from a number of end points like from: emails, mobile phone contact directories, social networks etc,

this mobile VOIP cloud sync service, will sell through to mobile VoIP service providers, and would help mobile VoIP users to have an enhanced access, more contact info thus will increase the use and utility of their respective mobile VoIP service.

...and they say that Funambol mobile VOIP cloud sync is perhaps the only mobile cloud sync company that offers this kinda service, that’s too for free, with Google's Sync, Apple MobileMe, Nokia's Ovi Sync, Microsoft's MyPhone etc, they all are competing for their respective market shares already in free cloud sync software niche....

Interesting VOIP Terminology

Ref.: http://blogs.zdnet.com/open-source/?p=4595

Cloud: A cloud is a big hosting centre. Your stuff no longer runs on a particular computer using a specific operating system. It’s just in the system somewhere. It’s in the cloud.

Sync: is short for synchronize. Synchronizing, in this case, means making two things the same. The file here is the same as the file there, and they’re kept the same even after one side changes.

Mobile: is what Europeans call cell phones or cell-like devices. Funambol was originally Italian, but they’re now based in Redwood City, Calif. I think there is an Olive Garden in Palo Alto.”...

In Bangladesh, VOIP-IP-3G Calling Cleared Finally

BANGLADESH: After a long wait now finally Bangla Govt. / Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) announced to issue the 3G, VOIP / voice-over-internet protocol telephony licences to internet service providers (ISPs).

First batch of 32 VoIP concessions will be followed by some more licence awards later!

VOIP Calling legally will soon start in BanglaDesh now : ) . Now according to news sources, perhaps 200+ illegal VOIP service providers are working in Bangla nation, by connecting the international call by pre paid cards via VSAT links etc and using VSAT for voice calling is banned under IPTSP rulings,

According to the TeleGeography’s GlobalComms database notes, to get qualified for new 15-year IP telephony service provider (IPTSP) licences, an ISP must fulfil a series of minimum pre requisites, like a Nationwide / Central Zone IPTSP concession requires the ISPs to have 2,000 existing customers.

IPTSP concessions covers both the international and local / domestic voice phone call using internet and managed IP-based networks, it also includes all type of IP call: phone-to-phone, PC-to-PC, PC-to-phone and phone-to-PC.





Mobi Text for making Free International Calls by SMS


Makers of the Freedom Calls fame have now something revolutionary for the Australians, Free International mobile calls using Text Messaging / SMS…

Australia is zooming and rocking with this new kind of service and TALKFREE7 is the very first to dig and explore this kind of unique free international call service for the benefit of its readers : ) Thanks to Nizi (the CEO and the Owner of Proud Freedom Calls), for releasing the very first PR with Talkfree7,


Send a text message with the word – “TOPUP” to 0424 215 599 and make Free International Calls!

You can use the service in 3 Easy steps –

Step 1 : Send a Text Message –

Send a text message with the word –“Topup” to Access Number 0424215599.

Step 2 : Check your destination and allocated credit for each text message sent.

For every successful text message sent you collect credit to call overseas free depending upon your destination.

For example: To Call India for every 2 sms sent you get 1 minute of talk time. For 10 sms you get 5 minutes to call India.

Step 3 : Now you are ready to make Free International calls.

To make free overseas calls simply dial our landline access number from the same mobile or landline*.

Sydney 02 9004 2024

Melbourne 03 8416 7024

Format to dial: 0011 + Country code + Destination Number + #

E.g. to call India – 0011 + 91 + 9829227700 + #

And if you dial from landline than dial the access number listen to the message and at the end it will ask you for a pin number and use the same mobile number as the pin which you had used earlier to send text messages.

This service would be great to use if you are on an unlimited sms plan or if you can sms at very cheap rate to Australian mobiles as you can send as many sms’s you like to top up and collect International Credit to make Free International Calls!

If you are a frequent caller and will chatting for hours than use our Group SMS feature and send one text message to get 10 minutes worth of credit.

How much would the sms cost me?

Cost of the sms depends upon your mobile phone carrier; they do not charge you anything for send sms to us.

Is it a premium number where I send the sms?

No it is not a premium number is just another local Australian mobile number.

How long this credit is valid for?

Credit is valid for 90 days from the time of recharge.

Is there any limit to how many sms I can send to top up?

No there is no limit to how many sms you can send; the more you send more talk time you get to speak to you friends and family overseas.

Can I send sms from any mobile network?

Yes you can send the sms from any mobile network or internet, till the time it gets delivered to our mobile access number you get the credit to make Free International calls.

Do I need to sign up or set up an account to use the service?

You simply need to send us Text messages to use the service, no need to sign up or open an account to use the service.

Refer to SMSTOPUP for full details:


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