VoxFon VOIP for Palm Pre Mobile - but NO Skype

Mobile VoIP software / application is coming later in 2009, for the Palm(R) Pre(TM) Smart mobile phone / Palm(R) WebOS(TM) platform:

I was reading a news article re: when VOIP free Skype unlimited calling could be done via Palm Pre smart mobile phone:


The news article was making me bit sad as its opening lines were as: "No Skype for Palm Pre Yet: Skype has developed VoIP apps for Windows Mobile-, Android-, and Java-powered phones, but not for the webOS platform...

… it was really bit disappointing that there was no VOIP or no Skype on the popular cellular handset the PALM PRE ...

Anyways, Skype will perhaps to rethink its decision to have its VOIP software presence on Palm Pre OS too, Skype is synonym now to VOIP and we want it everywhere : )

… Now a good news that Houston, Texas (US) based VOXoFON VOIP has made it possible to call VOIP using the smart Palm Pre and the VOIP cheap calling is coming now to Palm Pre too,

This Palm Pre VOIP application / VOIP Software for Palm Pre will work anywhere the phone has its coverage and it do not need a hot spot or a Wi-Fi connection, with no monthly fees or no contract to make low cost international Palm Pre VOIP calling:

http://www.voxofon.com/mobile_webos.html (see the short video too here about VOIP at Palm Pre)



The VoxoFon VOIP clearly indicates that the Voxofon call abroad would be the real cost saver / cost cutting for anybody to make phone call abroad, its international call rates would be cheap or low cost like starting from 1.3 cents/minute and also the international SMS / text messages will start from 6 cents + local call charges to your mobile phone operator etc to dial the local access number, (VoxoFon VOIP will charge for the international part of the IP calling),

About VoxoFon VOIP : Voxofon is cheap or low cost call provider company which connects international phone, PC, landlines and mobiles, with VoxoFon one could make low cost abroad calls with many ways like,

One can make IP calls using:

• a laptop / PC / desktop computer
• a land line
• a cell phone (mobile, iPhone, Palm Pre etc)
• an iPhone or any other smart phone

VoxoFone has initiated the convenience and the applications for its mobile VoIP service, VOIP company the VoxoFone recently also announced its VOIP mobile software / app for Android platform and for Apple iPhone and Blackberry mobile handsets, VoxoFone also provides for Virtual number for VOIP calls,

How to make VOIP overseas CALL from Google Toolbar and VoxoFon VOIP:

VoxoFon VOIP also allows to make call directly from a web page using the Google Toolbar, where at the Google Toolbar, the VoxoFon button could be added and a VOIP international call at low rates could be dialled using the Google Toolbar itself, so using VoxoFon and Google toolbar the international phone call from ‘search’ field could be initiated / dialled, just make a phone call by entering a phone number in the search field of the toolbar:


VOIP is the future, more wireless and full mobility is the telecom way of our coming times or is the future telephony : )

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