Skype: Free Video Speed Dating, SKYECANDY

The power of VOIP Skype could get you involved in an online or webcam video- speed dating, if you wish, and they say that it is fun, free and all safe...

Skyecandy (beta / patent pending) matches can match you with real people automatically from all over the globe and all this from the cosy environment, comfort and security of your own home, for free,

This unique online Skype VOIP Speed dating sessions runs every 6 minutes and will match anybody automatically with partners for a 5 minute consecutive speed dates.

VOIP Skype Skyecandy is just FUN and works in a friendly environment. The great thing is about this VOIP Skype online dating is that each and every member has a history of friendliness which is visible too :)

How Skype VOIP Skyecandy works?

...Now do not ask me what is Skype VOIP??


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