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VOIP Watch's Andy Abramson is one of my favorite on VOIP and IP based Internet telephony, Andy always has something innovative to produce which is mind-blowing again, this time he has....

"A tale of many phones"

Andy produced an interesting story

How beautifully Andy carved and describes how he roam on the streets of London / UK while making free international VOIP Skype calls during his UK / London visit with his 3 INQ SkypePhone S2,

The most luring part I liked is calling abroad or free call to the world via SKYPE VOIP sitting by the bank of the river Thames and while on a back of a black cab in London, The UK : ) {Hey Andy, if you are reading this, I am jealous of you, why I was not there : ) }

Andy Abramson also used Skype + HiDefConferencing while in UK, so what the is this VOIP calling 3 INQ SkypePhone S2 is all about ?

About 3 Skypephone S2:

3 Skypephone S2 has Skype software fully integrated into it, which allows one to make VOIP calls and send SMS / messages to anywhere in the world and that is too all and absolutely free, just both you and your calling party must have a Skype ID,

Also like regular SKYPE out calls, if your friends and family are not on Skype than - with Skype 'Call phones abroad' still one can dial calls to all international landlines and mobiles destinations at Skype rates (just ensure to have Skype credit / Skype calling subscription) , all of your Skype contacts are organized and integrated into your mobile phonebook with all of your regular contacts,

So this is really a Skype VoIP mobile with the internet on the go, You can also use Windows Live Messenger, Planet 3, 3 music store and also an exclusive Facebook application which will ensure you to be in touch with your pals,

The greatest of this VOIP Phone 3-SkypePhone-S2 mobile is, one can also connect 3 Skype phone S2 with laptop, and than 3-SkypePhone-S2 mobile will act as the internet dongle, and than it will allow to use wireless broadband with this UK's 3G data network, on go for £10!

Innovate your Skype VOIP contacts sitting by the banks of Thames and call the world free with Skype VOIP Phone and with 3-SkypePhone-S2 , Thank you Andy, you are great : )


Andy said...

You're welcome!

kartikshradha said...

Hi Andy, Thanks a lot for your kind visit and for your comment, I am a Big Fan of your VOIP Blog: VOIP Watch,

I hope you will always guide me the right & best things in telecom and VOIP, thank you, wishes, take care, c ya

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