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Just need a data connection or Wi-Fi Hotspot / Broadband Internet or 3G to make the unlimited IM, free mobile to mobile video VOIP voice call, now do not you call it as a digital calling wonder that VOIP is heading towards a direction where there is no looking back??

Nothing to download and one can do unlimited free mobile to mobile VOIP video-voice calls, its thrilling, the FREE is the keyword here, everybody loves Freebies and we all telecom enthusiasts too : )

You might have surely done unlimited voice - video international VoIP calling on www.skype.com from PC to PC now do it on mobile to mobile free, it could be mind blowing, but do not forget that 3G or data charges will still apply or Wi-Fi charges may apply if it is not free and charges could be according to your broadband plan,

With a Raketu Mobile Video Calling one call for free on the go / move, if he has a high speed data plan like 3G or he is in Wi-Fi hotspot, and also not mobile to mobile video calls are free but now cellular phone users are also able to dial voice to voice unlimited call, mobile to mobile / mobile to desktop, using a Wi-Fi or suitable high speed or broadband data plan, every call is totally free

About Raketu, the VOIP Company:

They describe themselves as:

"The word Raketu (pronounce ra-ke-tu) is a declension form of the Czech word “rocket”. The sound of the word is also similar to pronunciation of the word “rocket” in Russian and Japanese. Please note that the word Raketu is NOT a mambo jumbo word. We chose this name not only because the visionary behind Raketu, G. Parker, is an astrophysicist, but also Raketu software will take communications and media the way we know it to another level."

Raketu as we know is a prime global Internet telecommunications, information, and social entertainment VOIP company,




Anonymous said...

dude, you are the only one who got it so far . This is mind blowing technology!

kartikshradha said...

Hi, Thanks for your kindful encouragement, pl visit daily, you will find all and various up to date wireless and VOIP tech here, thank you, my wishes,

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