UK Business, get an O2-Landline Number for your Mobile Phones

UK: Now O2 mobile company customers can have a unique facility of having landline or fixed phone number anywhere service,

UK mobile operator O2 announced a unique Fixed Number Anywhere service which is to provide small businesses in UK to receive incoming land line phone calls directly on their or any mobile phone.

This said to be the very first service of its kind to be offered in UK by any mobile service provider / telco. The O2-Landline Number to Mobile Phones service in UK works with the existing BT landline number and also eliminates expensive call diverts,

This UK Landline Number to Mobile Phones number service will start in August 2009, and specifically targeted towards small businesses,

The modus operandi is simple : ) the small or any businesses will retain its landline number just to show its customers that their business is local and is well established, but in fact they could be mobile or away from their office desk for any or a long period of time.

Landline / fixed number anywhere help UK small biz to lower the number of missed calls, a fix phone or a landline number can be linked with up to ten different employee cell mobile phones and surely again it helps reduce missed calls. The users can also benefit from the CUG (call group facility, closed user group) and there the calls will ring simultaneously to all the ten employees’ mobile handsets within the group, and even they can be prioritized to the individual numbers.

UK mobile operator O2 will not charge a dime when phone calls are made to a mobile via the Fixed Number Anywhere service, and also the caller would be as usual charged at their standard rate for the fixed number which they had dialled.

Also the free service would be provided to the businesses who will bring an existing BT 01 or 02 landline number to O2 and who take a new mobile connection.

This free service is offered at a flat price of £10 per month for 01 or 02 landline numbers and £15 a month for 0808 free phone numbers.


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