Send Text Messages from a Land line in US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island

Sounds unbelievable but true, Text messaging could be done to a Landline phone number too : ) provides this facility to send sms / text messages to a landline phone using the power of a cellular mobile phone and landing to a landline phone,

Text to landline is a concept under which you send sms / text message from mobile and it automatically converts into the voice message to any landline phone > the text to speech engine converts the text message > than plays it to the recipient over his landline phone.

According to the text to landline service:

"A landline is a phone number that is serviced by a local telephone company and is a fixed connection that uses wires."

Currently this service is available in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island and supports these following telecom network / carriers,


 Sprint (including Nextel)
 Verizon
 Alltel
 Virgin Mobile USA
 Boost Mobile
 Qwest


 Rogers (including Fido)
 Bell Mobility


 Claro
 Cable & Wireless
 Bezeq
 Utel

FAQ: How to Register and Send Text to Landline

The text message is recorded in a female sweet voice and a standard phone call is placed to the desired landline phone number where you wish to send the text message, it asks for permission of the listener whether he wishes to listen the message or not, delivering the senders phone number….

Also the Sprint US customers can choose to send text message to landline in six different celebrities voice impersonators, thus they have a choice to choose the voice from amongst favourite celebrity:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. President Barack Obama
3. Bill Cosby
4. Joan Rivers
5. Dr. Ruth
6. Rosie Perez

Site further says:

'Can the recipient reply to my Text to Landline message?

Recipients who receive the message live will be offered the opportunity to reply to the text message with a voice recording (this offer will not be made if the call is picked up via an answering machine). You will be able to retrieve the recipient’s voicemail at a number provided to you in a text message announcing that the recipient has replied to your Text to Landline. To listen to the recipient’s voicemail, all you need to do is CALL BACK the phone number on the text message. Your Calling Plan rates will apply for this call.

On your handset you will receive a text message stating “Landline number XXX-XXX-XXXX has sent a reply to your Text to Landline message.” Your Text Messaging price plan charges will apply to this notification.

This is NOT a free service, so pl check with your operator before you start to send sms / text to landline phone in USA / Canada / Puerto Rico / US Virgin Island etc,

Recipient of text to landline message incur no charges to hear the text voice message delivered to his landline phone,

NexTel Customers: Text To Landline FAQ:

Telecom, communication, wireless technology is at its full pace and there is no looking back, we are weird?!


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