Non VOIP App - PAYG for iPhone; compare global calls with AT&T

Now one can save up to 88% on the mobile International Call using the Apple IPhone with Call Global... a Non VOIP phone call provider ...

they claim this technology for Apple iPhone as innovative and is a way to bypass AT&T's hafty international phone calling rates also as Call Global iphone app is not a VOIP, so like VOIP Skype or mobile VOIP app Fring, etc it can never be blocked by the giant AT&T or anyone else, and is usable from virtually anywhere (no wi-fi or hot spot search is needed: call everywhere, where there AT&T or any telco is available).

Watch the YouTube short video that how the apple iphone app transformed a $14.90 AT&T international call, just into a $0.32 International call:

Call Global is a NON - VOIP phone call (use the same technology as any other telco uses) providing company and claims that its PAYG (Pay as you go) global call quality, rates and all these are excellent and unmatched in the telecom industry by using its software on Apple iPhone one could slash the hafty international call rates upto 88%,

Call Global Apple iPhone App has a bold claim that they are a NON VOIP abroad call provider hence better calling quality and their New Apple I-Phone Application could turn $21.90 Call to Brazil Into $0.60 call to Brazil ...oooooh! It could be a great Apple iphone overseas calling App if its really a true claim!

It is said about Call Global Non VOIP overseas cal provider via Apple iPhone app that Call Global is an iPhone app which gives the Apple iphone users low cost or ultra cheap international call with crystal clear voice and call quality.

Unlike the VOIP apps such as VOIP leader the Skype, Call Global the non VOIP uses the same voice call technology like the major mobile / cell carriers or Telcos uses in the world elsewhere.

This is a PAYG (pay as you go) so pay only for the minutes you actually consumed or talked / used, no long term contracts or commitments, its just like a prepaid arrangement,

Even to show their genuineness and sincerity the Call Global is giving away FREE $2 balance with free app download (which is available for download on apple itune store for iphone international calling)...

Call Global Direct Call feature is available to the following list of countries, and if the country you are in is not listed below than one should use the World Call feature instead,

• Greece-Thessaloniki
• Netherlands-Amsterdam
• Belgium-Brussels
• France-Paris
• Spain-Madrid
• Luxembourg
• Ireland
• Malta
• Cyprus-Nicosia
• Finland-Helsinki
• Bulgaria-Sofia
• Hungary-Budapest
• Lithuania-Vilnius
• Latvia
• Estonia
• Croatia-Zagreb
• Slovenia-Ljubljana
• Italy-Milan
• Italy-Rome
• Romania-Bucharest
• Czech Republic-Prague
• Slovakia-Bratislava
• Austria
• UK-London
• UK-Belfast
• Denmark
• Sweden-Stockholm
• Norway-Oslo
• Poland-Warsaw
• El Salvador
• Panama
• Peru-Lima
• Mexico-Mexico City
• Brazil-Sao Paulo
• Brazil-Rio de Janeiro
• Chile-Santiago
• Australia-Sydney
• Australia-Melbourne
• New Zealand-Auckland
• Japan-Tokyo
• Israel-Tel Aviv
• Bahrain
• Canada-Quebec City
• USA-Puerto Rico-Bayamon Notre
• USA-Toll Free
• Argentina-Buenos Aires

How Call Global Non VOIP works:

Call Global Non VOIP FAQ:

Call Global non VOIP also provides for the virtual phone numbers on a monthly rates, and if you are outside of the US than still you can use the Direct Call or World Call feature of this non VOIP apple iPhone App service,

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