MSI + Business VOIP: Skype 4.1 - Windows

E-Bay's Skype is the largest VOIP Provider or the internet Phone online in the world has now released its VOIP Software Business VOIP Skype 4.1 for Windows beta, this software from Skype has business VOIP version, this service or business VOIP phone system has same or similar features like standard version + this business VOIP software has additionally includes Windows Installer or we commonly known as MSI, to enable and easy to install Skype across your company....

o MSI = Includes Windows Installer
o Easy deployment to handle multiple machines in any company.
o Added additional control for IT administrators

Skype Software: Main features:

o Free Skype-to-Skype P2P (peer to peer) unlimited worldwide calls
o Free unlimited international video calls with screen sharing feature
o Free instant messaging (IM)
o Call phones and mobiles, send SMS
o Voice mail
o Birthday Reminders and alerts
o Forward calls to a phone when you're offline
o Screen sharing (Screen sharing starts the video call, its uses a technology to broadcast the recording of your screen - i.e. either a portion or full screen - to one other viewer)
o Send contacts etc

Technical details For Business VOIP: Skype 4.1 - Windows:

File size 22 MB
Official release:
Release date: July 1, 2009
File name: SkypeSetup.msi

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