Gizmo5 on Google Voice: Make Free USA Call with SIP-Softphone or iPhone

Andy Abramson (VOIP Watch), you are again here; you know I am yours one of the biggest VOIP, telephony fan : )

Andy we know you write wonderful and you are an authority tech writer on VOIP, Free Call telecom etc, this time Abramson you had shown us that how to make free VOIP phone call to US by calling on any SIP device using with Gizmo 5 blended with Google Voice (the Google's own VOIP system),

Andy I know you will never mind to let quote me from your above featured esteemed VOIP Watch blog:

"And the note went on to further get my interest and excitement with:

Gizmo5 is working on a mash up service with Gizmo5 and Google Voice called GizmoVoice and we'd like your help testing it. Gizmo Voice is designed to let users take full advantage of the messaging and calling services of Google Voice combined with Gizmo5's support for any SIP device. The goal is to have ANY SIP device (Wi-Fi phone, ATA, SIP client, PBX node, etc) to be able to make and receive US calls without a monthly or per minute fee."

This is really seems to bit technical so better read it from Andy Abramson's VOIP Watch blog for a clear cut understanding, he tried to explain how one could make a free (with no per minute or a monthly fee etc) US VOIP call using Gizmo 5 with Google Voice (we know that the calls to the USA and its various destinations are free using Google Voice, and latest is what Gizmo5 adds into it has made free VOIP calling both placing a call and receiving a total reality), using it on a SIP device (wifi phone, ATA, SIP client, PBX node, etc), Soft phone (SIP endpoint like a softphone such as Eyebeam, Bria or X-lite from Counterpath) or an Apple iPhone,

Andy VOIP blog explains:

..."Google Voice gives you a free number and Gizmo provides the front end to make a free call..."

Andy also explain about: Receiving Skype Calls, placing Calls To Skype Users, The Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, about DID, SIP Peering arrangement and many tech VOIP free call making things to US a reality,

Thanks again Andy, you are highly technical here and sometimes may bounce over the heads of the layman : )


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