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USA toll free directory assistance, 1-800-FREE411 (18003733411), / Jingle Networks has initiated its new feature which enables the phone callers to call most of the phone numbers globally / worldwide for FREE long distance call and also free international call,

The phone callers from the continental USA can now dial / place a five minute FREE call via Free Directory Assistance 1-800-FREE411 and may reach out or connect with near and dear once, no physical distances matter, long distance calls within US and overseas are free,


How to make Free International Call From Out of USA using toll free, 1-800-FREE411 :

1. Call USA 1-800-FREE411 (18003733411) free from: or call USA free from your Yahoo Messenger’s, the voice calls (I heard that the toll free no.s are free to call from VOIP yahoo voice) >

Or : Call USA Toll free # 1-800-FREE411 from my love the VOIP KING Skype, its free again to call USA toll free from anywhere, from Skype: Skype VOIP: Toll Free-Global-Call Free

2. Than thereafter when you are connected to 1-800-FREE411 (18003733411), just connect to the international calls anywhere you wish,

3. We have not tried or tested this service and hope readers will guide best to all of us, enjoy…

Talkfree7 is the VERY FIRST to crack this news (check our publish date for this news) Free Call news to the world amongst the blogspot bloggers and few proudy VOIP blogspot bloggers are picking up it from here with changed content, but we are a democratic blog, so lets the news spread for the benefit of the world, no jealousy here : ) there is no copyright of the ‘FACTS’, we all know….so everybody may pick the idea from here : )


1-800-FREE411 and Dial Directions Expand Free Directory Assistance to Include Voice-Activated Driving Directions Via SMS

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