CNET-Voxox2: Call for Free to USA, Canada for 1200 Minutes

CNET reports that multi-protocol messaging and VoIP communication client VoxOx is back now as VoxOx2 (beta), VoxOx2 VOIP client is available for Windows and Mac,

The freeware VOXOX2 is offering Personal Assistant feature having call recording, forwarding, routing, and screening, also the expanded social-networking features etc,

The great things is that the VoxOx2 VOIP with CNET has arranged a new-user sign-up bonus just available to CNET users, but we at Talkfree7 VOIP Free International Call Blog is concerned to our global readers to make benefit of this free call minutes to USA, Canada offer,

CNET Describes:

"The first 200 CNET readers who sign up for VoxOx 2 will receive 1,200 free VoxPoints, which equals 1,200 free U.S./Canada calling minutes (or free texts). VoxPoints are also redeemable for international calling and texts at various rates. In addition, CNET readers to sign up within the first 48 hours of the VoxOx 2 launch will receive 200 VoxPoints--double the standard amount of free points given to new users upon sign-up. New users must sign up and SMS verify in order to get their free VoxPoints. To take advantage of the special CNET deal, go to

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Polo said...

Oh! that's good.. I think I will take advantage of it!!! Thanks for sharing!!

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