Non VOIP App - PAYG for iPhone; compare global calls with AT&T

Now one can save up to 88% on the mobile International Call using the Apple IPhone with Call Global... a Non VOIP phone call provider ...

they claim this technology for Apple iPhone as innovative and is a way to bypass AT&T's hafty international phone calling rates also as Call Global iphone app is not a VOIP, so like VOIP Skype or mobile VOIP app Fring, etc it can never be blocked by the giant AT&T or anyone else, and is usable from virtually anywhere (no wi-fi or hot spot search is needed: call everywhere, where there AT&T or any telco is available).

Watch the YouTube short video that how the apple iphone app transformed a $14.90 AT&T international call, just into a $0.32 International call:

Call Global is a NON - VOIP phone call (use the same technology as any other telco uses) providing company and claims that its PAYG (Pay as you go) global call quality, rates and all these are excellent and unmatched in the telecom industry by using its software on Apple iPhone one could slash the hafty international call rates upto 88%,

Call Global Apple iPhone App has a bold claim that they are a NON VOIP abroad call provider hence better calling quality and their New Apple I-Phone Application could turn $21.90 Call to Brazil Into $0.60 call to Brazil ...oooooh! It could be a great Apple iphone overseas calling App if its really a true claim!

It is said about Call Global Non VOIP overseas cal provider via Apple iPhone app that Call Global is an iPhone app which gives the Apple iphone users low cost or ultra cheap international call with crystal clear voice and call quality.

Unlike the VOIP apps such as VOIP leader the Skype, Call Global the non VOIP uses the same voice call technology like the major mobile / cell carriers or Telcos uses in the world elsewhere.

This is a PAYG (pay as you go) so pay only for the minutes you actually consumed or talked / used, no long term contracts or commitments, its just like a prepaid arrangement,

Even to show their genuineness and sincerity the Call Global is giving away FREE $2 balance with free app download (which is available for download on apple itune store for iphone international calling)...

Call Global Direct Call feature is available to the following list of countries, and if the country you are in is not listed below than one should use the World Call feature instead,

• Greece-Thessaloniki
• Netherlands-Amsterdam
• Belgium-Brussels
• France-Paris
• Spain-Madrid
• Luxembourg
• Ireland
• Malta
• Cyprus-Nicosia
• Finland-Helsinki
• Bulgaria-Sofia
• Hungary-Budapest
• Lithuania-Vilnius
• Latvia
• Estonia
• Croatia-Zagreb
• Slovenia-Ljubljana
• Italy-Milan
• Italy-Rome
• Romania-Bucharest
• Czech Republic-Prague
• Slovakia-Bratislava
• Austria
• UK-London
• UK-Belfast
• Denmark
• Sweden-Stockholm
• Norway-Oslo
• Poland-Warsaw
• El Salvador
• Panama
• Peru-Lima
• Mexico-Mexico City
• Brazil-Sao Paulo
• Brazil-Rio de Janeiro
• Chile-Santiago
• Australia-Sydney
• Australia-Melbourne
• New Zealand-Auckland
• Japan-Tokyo
• Israel-Tel Aviv
• Bahrain
• Canada-Quebec City
• USA-Puerto Rico-Bayamon Notre
• USA-Toll Free
• Argentina-Buenos Aires

How Call Global Non VOIP works:

Call Global Non VOIP FAQ:

Call Global non VOIP also provides for the virtual phone numbers on a monthly rates, and if you are outside of the US than still you can use the Direct Call or World Call feature of this non VOIP apple iPhone App service,

VoxFon VOIP for Palm Pre Mobile - but NO Skype

Mobile VoIP software / application is coming later in 2009, for the Palm(R) Pre(TM) Smart mobile phone / Palm(R) WebOS(TM) platform:

I was reading a news article re: when VOIP free Skype unlimited calling could be done via Palm Pre smart mobile phone:

The news article was making me bit sad as its opening lines were as: "No Skype for Palm Pre Yet: Skype has developed VoIP apps for Windows Mobile-, Android-, and Java-powered phones, but not for the webOS platform...

… it was really bit disappointing that there was no VOIP or no Skype on the popular cellular handset the PALM PRE ...

Anyways, Skype will perhaps to rethink its decision to have its VOIP software presence on Palm Pre OS too, Skype is synonym now to VOIP and we want it everywhere : )

… Now a good news that Houston, Texas (US) based VOXoFON VOIP has made it possible to call VOIP using the smart Palm Pre and the VOIP cheap calling is coming now to Palm Pre too,

This Palm Pre VOIP application / VOIP Software for Palm Pre will work anywhere the phone has its coverage and it do not need a hot spot or a Wi-Fi connection, with no monthly fees or no contract to make low cost international Palm Pre VOIP calling: (see the short video too here about VOIP at Palm Pre)

The VoxoFon VOIP clearly indicates that the Voxofon call abroad would be the real cost saver / cost cutting for anybody to make phone call abroad, its international call rates would be cheap or low cost like starting from 1.3 cents/minute and also the international SMS / text messages will start from 6 cents + local call charges to your mobile phone operator etc to dial the local access number, (VoxoFon VOIP will charge for the international part of the IP calling),

About VoxoFon VOIP : Voxofon is cheap or low cost call provider company which connects international phone, PC, landlines and mobiles, with VoxoFon one could make low cost abroad calls with many ways like,

One can make IP calls using:

• a laptop / PC / desktop computer
• a land line
• a cell phone (mobile, iPhone, Palm Pre etc)
• an iPhone or any other smart phone

VoxoFone has initiated the convenience and the applications for its mobile VoIP service, VOIP company the VoxoFone recently also announced its VOIP mobile software / app for Android platform and for Apple iPhone and Blackberry mobile handsets, VoxoFone also provides for Virtual number for VOIP calls,

How to make VOIP overseas CALL from Google Toolbar and VoxoFon VOIP:

VoxoFon VOIP also allows to make call directly from a web page using the Google Toolbar, where at the Google Toolbar, the VoxoFon button could be added and a VOIP international call at low rates could be dialled using the Google Toolbar itself, so using VoxoFon and Google toolbar the international phone call from ‘search’ field could be initiated / dialled, just make a phone call by entering a phone number in the search field of the toolbar:

VOIP is the future, more wireless and full mobility is the telecom way of our coming times or is the future telephony : )

Gizmo5 on Google Voice: Make Free USA Call with SIP-Softphone or iPhone

Andy Abramson (VOIP Watch), you are again here; you know I am yours one of the biggest VOIP, telephony fan : )

Andy we know you write wonderful and you are an authority tech writer on VOIP, Free Call telecom etc, this time Abramson you had shown us that how to make free VOIP phone call to US by calling on any SIP device using with Gizmo 5 blended with Google Voice (the Google's own VOIP system),

Andy I know you will never mind to let quote me from your above featured esteemed VOIP Watch blog:

"And the note went on to further get my interest and excitement with:

Gizmo5 is working on a mash up service with Gizmo5 and Google Voice called GizmoVoice and we'd like your help testing it. Gizmo Voice is designed to let users take full advantage of the messaging and calling services of Google Voice combined with Gizmo5's support for any SIP device. The goal is to have ANY SIP device (Wi-Fi phone, ATA, SIP client, PBX node, etc) to be able to make and receive US calls without a monthly or per minute fee."

This is really seems to bit technical so better read it from Andy Abramson's VOIP Watch blog for a clear cut understanding, he tried to explain how one could make a free (with no per minute or a monthly fee etc) US VOIP call using Gizmo 5 with Google Voice (we know that the calls to the USA and its various destinations are free using Google Voice, and latest is what Gizmo5 adds into it has made free VOIP calling both placing a call and receiving a total reality), using it on a SIP device (wifi phone, ATA, SIP client, PBX node, etc), Soft phone (SIP endpoint like a softphone such as Eyebeam, Bria or X-lite from Counterpath) or an Apple iPhone,

Andy VOIP blog explains:

..."Google Voice gives you a free number and Gizmo provides the front end to make a free call..."

Andy also explain about: Receiving Skype Calls, placing Calls To Skype Users, The Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, about DID, SIP Peering arrangement and many tech VOIP free call making things to US a reality,

Thanks again Andy, you are highly technical here and sometimes may bounce over the heads of the layman : )


UK Business, get an O2-Landline Number for your Mobile Phones

UK: Now O2 mobile company customers can have a unique facility of having landline or fixed phone number anywhere service,

UK mobile operator O2 announced a unique Fixed Number Anywhere service which is to provide small businesses in UK to receive incoming land line phone calls directly on their or any mobile phone.

This said to be the very first service of its kind to be offered in UK by any mobile service provider / telco. The O2-Landline Number to Mobile Phones service in UK works with the existing BT landline number and also eliminates expensive call diverts,

This UK Landline Number to Mobile Phones number service will start in August 2009, and specifically targeted towards small businesses,

The modus operandi is simple : ) the small or any businesses will retain its landline number just to show its customers that their business is local and is well established, but in fact they could be mobile or away from their office desk for any or a long period of time.

Landline / fixed number anywhere help UK small biz to lower the number of missed calls, a fix phone or a landline number can be linked with up to ten different employee cell mobile phones and surely again it helps reduce missed calls. The users can also benefit from the CUG (call group facility, closed user group) and there the calls will ring simultaneously to all the ten employees’ mobile handsets within the group, and even they can be prioritized to the individual numbers.

UK mobile operator O2 will not charge a dime when phone calls are made to a mobile via the Fixed Number Anywhere service, and also the caller would be as usual charged at their standard rate for the fixed number which they had dialled.

Also the free service would be provided to the businesses who will bring an existing BT 01 or 02 landline number to O2 and who take a new mobile connection.

This free service is offered at a flat price of £10 per month for 01 or 02 landline numbers and £15 a month for 0808 free phone numbers.


Send Text Messages from a Land line in US, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island

Sounds unbelievable but true, Text messaging could be done to a Landline phone number too : ) provides this facility to send sms / text messages to a landline phone using the power of a cellular mobile phone and landing to a landline phone,

Text to landline is a concept under which you send sms / text message from mobile and it automatically converts into the voice message to any landline phone > the text to speech engine converts the text message > than plays it to the recipient over his landline phone.

According to the text to landline service:

"A landline is a phone number that is serviced by a local telephone company and is a fixed connection that uses wires."

Currently this service is available in USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Island and supports these following telecom network / carriers,


 Sprint (including Nextel)
 Verizon
 Alltel
 Virgin Mobile USA
 Boost Mobile
 Qwest


 Rogers (including Fido)
 Bell Mobility


 Claro
 Cable & Wireless
 Bezeq
 Utel

FAQ: How to Register and Send Text to Landline

The text message is recorded in a female sweet voice and a standard phone call is placed to the desired landline phone number where you wish to send the text message, it asks for permission of the listener whether he wishes to listen the message or not, delivering the senders phone number….

Also the Sprint US customers can choose to send text message to landline in six different celebrities voice impersonators, thus they have a choice to choose the voice from amongst favourite celebrity:

1. Arnold Schwarzenegger
2. President Barack Obama
3. Bill Cosby
4. Joan Rivers
5. Dr. Ruth
6. Rosie Perez

Site further says:

'Can the recipient reply to my Text to Landline message?

Recipients who receive the message live will be offered the opportunity to reply to the text message with a voice recording (this offer will not be made if the call is picked up via an answering machine). You will be able to retrieve the recipient’s voicemail at a number provided to you in a text message announcing that the recipient has replied to your Text to Landline. To listen to the recipient’s voicemail, all you need to do is CALL BACK the phone number on the text message. Your Calling Plan rates will apply for this call.

On your handset you will receive a text message stating “Landline number XXX-XXX-XXXX has sent a reply to your Text to Landline message.” Your Text Messaging price plan charges will apply to this notification.

This is NOT a free service, so pl check with your operator before you start to send sms / text to landline phone in USA / Canada / Puerto Rico / US Virgin Island etc,

Recipient of text to landline message incur no charges to hear the text voice message delivered to his landline phone,

NexTel Customers: Text To Landline FAQ:

Telecom, communication, wireless technology is at its full pace and there is no looking back, we are weird?!


Bueno VOIP to make Free Phone Talk in US

This Free VOIP call service works in USA,

Do Free Phone Talk (VOIP) with your USA contacts with Bueno VOIP,

the concept is quiet simple, just with Bueno free VOIP call your contacts, leave your Bueno number and ask them to call you, (they allow one minute calls for an unlimited number of times, but you will not be able to place calls to the same party more than twice per hour)

Alert: like many VOIP service providers, E 911 is not permitted here too i.e. you can NOT call emergency 911 from the BUENO VOIP free call system,

Bueno is not only a VOIP free calls provider but it also a social mobile platform or a mobile network,



Generally in US, your contacts might have an unlimited calling plan and they can make phone calls within the states for free. If you have any questions regarding actual costs, should they apply, contact your service provider.


NO. Calls can only be made to USA numbers. Our developers are working on adding countries outside of the USA and should be able to provide international calling services in the very near future.


Absolutely. You can receive calls from any phone in the World


You'll need a PC with any windows operating system including XP and VISTA, a high speed internet connection, microphone and earphones (or headset). The BUENO phone works best using Internet Explorer (IE). Firefox will support the BUENO phone but is still in the testing stage. The BUENO plug-in will not work in Safari.


When you register with BUENO, you receive a free, dedicated USA phone number (DID). Along with your phone number, you will receive ONE FREE MINUTE to call out to your family or friends and give them your USA phone number so they can call you back at your number. "

They also have a full featured free voicemail service in USA, and also one can make free video call using Bueno VOIP, VOIP and Wireless is the future...

Chikka: Send Free Texts to US, UK, Spain, Italy, Philippines, Spain, Hong Kong, Guam, India, Indonesia

Send free sms / text messages right from PC / Laptop / Computer to mobile phones in US (Nextel, Verizon, Alltel, Boost, AT&T and Sprint), UK, Spain, Italy, Philippines, Saipan, Hong Kong (Smart 1528 only), Guam, India, Indonesia (XLcom only), it works : )

Chikka works with Windows 2000 / XP / Vista and also with Mac and Linux,

Chikka Free Texting FAQ:

Chikka Cheap Rates to Canada for Text messaging / sms on mobile phones:

Abut Chikka Free Text Messaging:

Chikka Asia, Inc. is provides mobile text messaging enhanced services to the telecom mobile carriers around the world. It helps to connect wired with wireless world communities...

Search Talkfree7 for more free sms / text options and also for making free international VOIP calls from PC / Mobile phone... bookmark us for daily updates and subcribe to receive free updates via email.

Skype: Free Video Speed Dating, SKYECANDY

The power of VOIP Skype could get you involved in an online or webcam video- speed dating, if you wish, and they say that it is fun, free and all safe...

Skyecandy (beta / patent pending) matches can match you with real people automatically from all over the globe and all this from the cosy environment, comfort and security of your own home, for free,

This unique online Skype VOIP Speed dating sessions runs every 6 minutes and will match anybody automatically with partners for a 5 minute consecutive speed dates.

VOIP Skype Skyecandy is just FUN and works in a friendly environment. The great thing is about this VOIP Skype online dating is that each and every member has a history of friendliness which is visible too :)

How Skype VOIP Skyecandy works?

...Now do not ask me what is Skype VOIP??


UK To France and Spain: Free Calling Minutes

MO-Call - Regular free calls promotions: 18th to the 24th of July 2009 is going to be free calls to Spain and France from the UK...

Registered in London, UK, the is giving away free call minutes to call phones in France and Spain from UK this summer holidays just to make chit chat and free talk with your French and Spanish friends and contacts,

MO-Call’s free calls from UK to France and Spain are available to all mobile / PSTN / landline numbers from Spain and France this week.

Call anybody with a fixed or mobile number from Spain and France and you can call them for free between 5:00pm and 19:00pm on Saturday the 18th July until Friday the 24th of July.

MO-Call says:

"Call anybody with a fixed or mobile number from Spain and France and you can call them for free between 5:00pm and 19:00pm on Saturday the 18th July until Friday the 24th of July 2009. All you need to do is call using either MO-Call Home or MO-Call PC to a Spanish (+34) or French (+33) phone and you can call France free and call Spain free on us. Make sure your account is a GBP currency account. You can check this in your account area."

So enjoy the free phone calls to France and free phone calls to Spain from UK,

MO-Call is not an unknown name in virtual mobile network, and it is all set to change the users habit the way you we international calls from our mobile phones!

The MO-Call works by means of a software plug-in which is installed on a cellular phone, this MO-Call plug-in than sends the voice calls to the Morodo network, this substantially saves bucks on Mobile Network Operator tariffs.

This MO-Call has been developed in Java, Symbian, Microsoft Mobile and Research In Motion platforms and various other of mobile and telephony technologies, viz SMS to SIP!

MO-Calls offers free pc to pc calls and supports 1600+ mobile phone handsets,

How MO-Calls Works:

Contact MO-Calls
Morodo Limited
Level 6
68 Lombard Street
United Kingdom
Tel.: +44 (0) 207 096 4880
Fax: +44 (0) 207 096 4881

Free Long Distance Calls to US and International by 1-800-FREE411,892930.shtml

USA toll free directory assistance, 1-800-FREE411 (18003733411), / Jingle Networks has initiated its new feature which enables the phone callers to call most of the phone numbers globally / worldwide for FREE long distance call and also free international call,

The phone callers from the continental USA can now dial / place a five minute FREE call via Free Directory Assistance 1-800-FREE411 and may reach out or connect with near and dear once, no physical distances matter, long distance calls within US and overseas are free,


How to make Free International Call From Out of USA using toll free, 1-800-FREE411 :

1. Call USA 1-800-FREE411 (18003733411) free from: or call USA free from your Yahoo Messenger’s, the voice calls (I heard that the toll free no.s are free to call from VOIP yahoo voice) >

Or : Call USA Toll free # 1-800-FREE411 from my love the VOIP KING Skype, its free again to call USA toll free from anywhere, from Skype: Skype VOIP: Toll Free-Global-Call Free

2. Than thereafter when you are connected to 1-800-FREE411 (18003733411), just connect to the international calls anywhere you wish,

3. We have not tried or tested this service and hope readers will guide best to all of us, enjoy…

Talkfree7 is the VERY FIRST to crack this news (check our publish date for this news) Free Call news to the world amongst the blogspot bloggers and few proudy VOIP blogspot bloggers are picking up it from here with changed content, but we are a democratic blog, so lets the news spread for the benefit of the world, no jealousy here : ) there is no copyright of the ‘FACTS’, we all know….so everybody may pick the idea from here : )


1-800-FREE411 and Dial Directions Expand Free Directory Assistance to Include Voice-Activated Driving Directions Via SMS

CNET-Voxox2: Call for Free to USA, Canada for 1200 Minutes

CNET reports that multi-protocol messaging and VoIP communication client VoxOx is back now as VoxOx2 (beta), VoxOx2 VOIP client is available for Windows and Mac,

The freeware VOXOX2 is offering Personal Assistant feature having call recording, forwarding, routing, and screening, also the expanded social-networking features etc,

The great things is that the VoxOx2 VOIP with CNET has arranged a new-user sign-up bonus just available to CNET users, but we at Talkfree7 VOIP Free International Call Blog is concerned to our global readers to make benefit of this free call minutes to USA, Canada offer,

CNET Describes:

"The first 200 CNET readers who sign up for VoxOx 2 will receive 1,200 free VoxPoints, which equals 1,200 free U.S./Canada calling minutes (or free texts). VoxPoints are also redeemable for international calling and texts at various rates. In addition, CNET readers to sign up within the first 48 hours of the VoxOx 2 launch will receive 200 VoxPoints--double the standard amount of free points given to new users upon sign-up. New users must sign up and SMS verify in order to get their free VoxPoints. To take advantage of the special CNET deal, go to

Skype VOIP for free; Toll Free-Global-Calls

Nice post from explaining how to make a free international VOIP Skype call to toll free global numbers,

We know about SKYPE-OUT, is a prepaid service to make cheap VOIP call (landline / mobile)using Skype, worldwide, though Skype the VOIP call is always free internationally from PC to PC or Skype enabled mobile handsets, audio and video quality of Skype P2P calling has no match,

VOIP Skype supports these nations and their toll free phone number networks, as they are free to call from Skype VOIP, no need to buy Skype-Out Credit to make free calls to these toll free phone numbers:

France: +33 800, +33 805, +33 809
Poland: +48 800
UK: +44 500, +44 800, +44 808
USA: +1 800, +1 866, +1 877, +1 888
Taiwan: +886 80

Just use your existing or a new Skype account to make free international VOIP unlimited Call to these toll free numbers in France, USA, UK, Poland and Taiwan,

… Login to your VOIP Skype account > select tab - “Call Phones” > Select nation where you want to dial free VOIP call > Ensure that nation should only be: France, USA, UK, Poland or Taiwan (as Skype do not support for free toll free numbers call to any other country right now except the mentioned nations here) > Press green button and Voila, your Free unlimited overseas VOIP Skype call to toll free number is there for you : )

For any clarification visit:

Make Skype VOIP Calls over Sony PSP-2000

We can Call Worldwide FREE (talk free) using Sony PSP-2000 series gaming console using it with VOIP global brand the Skype (product from Ebay and an innovation from Estonians),

Sony Computer Entertainment Inc. has its very popular Play Station Portable or popularly known as PSP GAMING CONSOLE (different from Nintendo's Game Boy or Game Boy DS)!

PSP has a talkfree capability and one can make unlimited international Free Skype-to-Skype calls 24-7 with a Sony PSP - 2000 series, it works with any Wi-Fi Hotspots available nearby, one can see exactly which of his friend is online on Spyke, and if you wanna make calls to any phone anywhere from anywhere just buy Skype credits or Skyp unlimited subscription and call to the world with this little innovation in VOIP and Sony PSP combined,

Just download free VOIP Skype on Sony PSP- 2000 from here:

So get crazy while playing games on SONY PSP console and use it to make free overseas Skype VOIP calls, yeah absolutely free Skype to Skype...

About Skype VOIP: (E-Bay company, creation of Estonia) is world’s largest VOIP call provider, it has currently 400+ million global subscribers and ever increasing each second, Skype to Skype calls are always free and one can use them anywhere to anywhere from PC (Internet Calling) or an Skype enabled mobile, Skype uses P2P technology, its video call quality is superb with nice audio or sound quality,

In United Kingdom (UK) the 3-Mobile operator is providing the lifetime Free unlimited Skype to Skype worldwide calls over its various popular contract handsets or mobile phones…check them and grab one, cheers : )

Skype's First Call is Free; make cheap calls to Turkey

The largest and biggest VoIP service provider to the world: SKYPE offers its very first trial call to landlines / mobiles for free globally,

So with Skype make free, up to five minute, first free VOIP call to landlines / mobiles:

Argentina (Buenos Aires), Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Canada (mobiles), Chile, China (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen), China (mobiles), Czech Republic, Czech Republic (Prague), Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Guam, Hong Kong, Hong Kong (mobiles), Hungary, Hungary (Budapest), Ireland, Israel, Israel (Jerusalem), Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Mexico (Mexico City, Monterrey), Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland (Poland, Gdansk, Warsaw), Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg), Singapore, Singapore (mobiles), South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan (Taipei), United Kingdom (UK), United States (including Alaska and Hawaii) and United States (mobiles),

After the first free VOIP call is over you can always use SKYPE TO SKYPE unlimited international video / audio / voice P2P calling with crystal clear sound quality, from anywhere to anywhere on earth and sometimes even from a flight to Earth (I am serious),

Skype VOIP Calling From Sky to the Earth

... and if you are in the UK, than the mobile operator / mobile broadband provider, 3-Mobile is offering unlimited free Skype to Skype overseas calling forever, lifetime from its contract mobile phones, its a wonderful deal really,

…Now Skype The VOIP has reduced its phone calling rates to TURKEY substantially, its very low cost priced now and is cheap VOIP calling from anywhere in the world via Skype VOIP ,

Skype had reduced VOIP calling rates to Turkey by at least 78%, and now its cheap or low cost calls to Turkey are priced as:

VOIP Calls to landlines in Turkey = €0.024 / $0.034 US/ £0.02 per minute*

VOIP Skype calls to Turkish cellular phones / mobile phones = €0.13 / $0.183 US / £0.111 per minute*

(Remember your very first call to Turkey from Skype VOIP is still free)

How To / Skype VOIP guide for the First Time Users:

So guys enjoy Skype VOIP cheap / low cost world calls terminating to Turkey and remember that Skype to Skype worldwide calls are always free and its audio-sound-video quality is just mind-blowing just download SKYPE if you are new to this, the latest version for Windows is Skype 4.1, be cautious if you could be a Skypian or a Skype edict later, I bet : ) online or virtual calling / digital calling is really great when its SKYPE VOIP...

VOIP 3-SkypePhone-S2, for making free calls

VOIP Watch's Andy Abramson is one of my favorite on VOIP and IP based Internet telephony, Andy always has something innovative to produce which is mind-blowing again, this time he has....

"A tale of many phones"

Andy produced an interesting story

How beautifully Andy carved and describes how he roam on the streets of London / UK while making free international VOIP Skype calls during his UK / London visit with his 3 INQ SkypePhone S2,

The most luring part I liked is calling abroad or free call to the world via SKYPE VOIP sitting by the bank of the river Thames and while on a back of a black cab in London, The UK : ) {Hey Andy, if you are reading this, I am jealous of you, why I was not there : ) }

Andy Abramson also used Skype + HiDefConferencing while in UK, so what the is this VOIP calling 3 INQ SkypePhone S2 is all about ?

About 3 Skypephone S2:

3 Skypephone S2 has Skype software fully integrated into it, which allows one to make VOIP calls and send SMS / messages to anywhere in the world and that is too all and absolutely free, just both you and your calling party must have a Skype ID,

Also like regular SKYPE out calls, if your friends and family are not on Skype than - with Skype 'Call phones abroad' still one can dial calls to all international landlines and mobiles destinations at Skype rates (just ensure to have Skype credit / Skype calling subscription) , all of your Skype contacts are organized and integrated into your mobile phonebook with all of your regular contacts,

So this is really a Skype VoIP mobile with the internet on the go, You can also use Windows Live Messenger, Planet 3, 3 music store and also an exclusive Facebook application which will ensure you to be in touch with your pals,

The greatest of this VOIP Phone 3-SkypePhone-S2 mobile is, one can also connect 3 Skype phone S2 with laptop, and than 3-SkypePhone-S2 mobile will act as the internet dongle, and than it will allow to use wireless broadband with this UK's 3G data network, on go for £10!

Innovate your Skype VOIP contacts sitting by the banks of Thames and call the world free with Skype VOIP Phone and with 3-SkypePhone-S2 , Thank you Andy, you are great : )

MSI + Business VOIP: Skype 4.1 - Windows

E-Bay's Skype is the largest VOIP Provider or the internet Phone online in the world has now released its VOIP Software Business VOIP Skype 4.1 for Windows beta, this software from Skype has business VOIP version, this service or business VOIP phone system has same or similar features like standard version + this business VOIP software has additionally includes Windows Installer or we commonly known as MSI, to enable and easy to install Skype across your company....

o MSI = Includes Windows Installer
o Easy deployment to handle multiple machines in any company.
o Added additional control for IT administrators

Skype Software: Main features:

o Free Skype-to-Skype P2P (peer to peer) unlimited worldwide calls
o Free unlimited international video calls with screen sharing feature
o Free instant messaging (IM)
o Call phones and mobiles, send SMS
o Voice mail
o Birthday Reminders and alerts
o Forward calls to a phone when you're offline
o Screen sharing (Screen sharing starts the video call, its uses a technology to broadcast the recording of your screen - i.e. either a portion or full screen - to one other viewer)
o Send contacts etc

Technical details For Business VOIP: Skype 4.1 - Windows:

File size 22 MB
Official release:
Release date: July 1, 2009
File name: SkypeSetup.msi

Also learn Skype Business VOIP:


Free Call to US, Canada on Independence Day, July 4th

Happy Independence Day America, July the 4th!

LocalPhone VOIP provider is giving away Free International VOIP call on the occasion of American Independence Day, The 4th July, from anywhere (yes call US / Canada free from anywhere via VOIP)

Local Phone says:

"Starting from midnight on Saturday morning on the east cost of Canada and lasting until the end of Sunday in Alaska, new and existing Localphone customers won’t pay a penny when calling any US or Canadian landline or mobile."

So guys do not miss to call for free, your American / Canadian counterparts and wish them the Happy Independence day, celebrate this with VOIP free calling, do you know that Localphone has its access numbers (direct dialling numbers / calling card) in 45 nations:

Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Peru, Poland, Puerto Rico, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and United States.

Local phone further says, that "even if you aren’t in one of our 45 Direct Dial countries you can still call from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a Localphone VoIP account."

"Calls will be free from 02:30 GMT on Saturday 4th until 08:00 GMT on Monday 6th July. The promotion includes all Localphone Direct Dial, Calling Card, and VoIP calls to standard landline and mobile numbers."

Talkfree7-VOIP, the Free Calling Blog once again wishes you a very Happy 4th of July US Independence Day and the Canada Day weekend…


VOIP Video Call Conferencing on Mobile for free by Raketu

Just need a data connection or Wi-Fi Hotspot / Broadband Internet or 3G to make the unlimited IM, free mobile to mobile video VOIP voice call, now do not you call it as a digital calling wonder that VOIP is heading towards a direction where there is no looking back??

Nothing to download and one can do unlimited free mobile to mobile VOIP video-voice calls, its thrilling, the FREE is the keyword here, everybody loves Freebies and we all telecom enthusiasts too : )

You might have surely done unlimited voice - video international VoIP calling on from PC to PC now do it on mobile to mobile free, it could be mind blowing, but do not forget that 3G or data charges will still apply or Wi-Fi charges may apply if it is not free and charges could be according to your broadband plan,

With a Raketu Mobile Video Calling one call for free on the go / move, if he has a high speed data plan like 3G or he is in Wi-Fi hotspot, and also not mobile to mobile video calls are free but now cellular phone users are also able to dial voice to voice unlimited call, mobile to mobile / mobile to desktop, using a Wi-Fi or suitable high speed or broadband data plan, every call is totally free

About Raketu, the VOIP Company:

They describe themselves as:

"The word Raketu (pronounce ra-ke-tu) is a declension form of the Czech word “rocket”. The sound of the word is also similar to pronunciation of the word “rocket” in Russian and Japanese. Please note that the word Raketu is NOT a mambo jumbo word. We chose this name not only because the visionary behind Raketu, G. Parker, is an astrophysicist, but also Raketu software will take communications and media the way we know it to another level."

Raketu as we know is a prime global Internet telecommunications, information, and social entertainment VOIP company,


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