Free VoIP cell phone calling by TruPhone

Sky News has an interesting peice of a news-cast today about mobile VOIP free calls via TruPhone, the popular VOIP provider,

Sky news shows that how one could hybrid TRUPHONE VOIP application over mobile phones and blending the VOIP Skype technologies, this VOIP mobile combination is perfect tool for making free VOIP Skype, Google Talk calls over Apple's iPhone / iPod Touch with Wi-Fi too and also on Google Android platform mobiles,

In the above interesting video by You Tube Geraldine Wilson, the CEO of Truphone explains very coolly the VOIP with Truphone, Skype, Google talk, iPhone / iPod Touch etc,


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Roman said...

Voice over IP is a very important technology today. Another cool technology is to send sms messages to landline phones using service like

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