Free international mobile phone call on Wi-Fi & VOIP

Anywhere to Anywhere Free Mobile VOIP Call (Witel to Witel):

Free International VOIP Phone Call from mobile phone or the VOIP free unlimited international calling certainly could lure anyone!?

Well, the Witel Corporation is all set to provide the free phone calls to anybody around the globe,

Jetter Wi-Fi phone (it just looks as a normal mobile phone which works on global Wi-Fi hotspots and even on airplanes, no SIM or roaming hassles, no PC required) is the magic word and with the Witel Corp anybody in the world can dial / make and receive the free calls. The Witel Corp. is launching the worldwide free mobile phone calling service, so just enjoy and make free mobile phone calls with no need for a PC / computer or a dedicated internet connection. Just have a Witel Jetter phone which is currently priced at US$59.99.

Witel would have to offer the two service plans with no long term contracts / commitments, they are priced tagged as $9.99 and $19.99, per month respectively, free call plans also works on Apple iPhone too,

They say, US and Canada shipping for the Jetter mobile Wi-Fi phone is $7.99, and shipping to globals is $11.99.

Witel's Motto: “The World is Your Network” seems would fulfil the need to dial free international calls,

About Witel Corp:

Witel Corp is one of the global mobile communications companies which give unlimited calls without caring the location. It works via making / routing voice calls over Wi-Fi networks and opposed to the traditional mobile phone networks.


Note: Like many VOIP operators, the traditional 911 / E911 emergency service is not available for use on the Witel network.

Witel to Witel Free Calls, free incoming calls, free international call forwarding, free voicemail all are coming this June 16th, count down begins…

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