From UK, Make Cheap Overseas Mobile Call

Nizi Bhandari, The CEO & owner of the above telecom company, told TALKFREE7 in an live and exclusive interview from Australia on Skype VOIP,

If you think that UK / London Call seems to be rather a new entrant and player in the field of cheap international telephony who provides unlimited low cost International phone calls (mobile / landline), than you could be wrong,

They already are the veterans in Oz (Australia / Aussie) and are already are providing the free unlimited international calls to their customers using their mobile access number(s) and using free call minutes from Australia to the rest of the world,

Now this is the turn of UK guys who want to dial unlimited cheap international landline / mobile calls to the globe could use this service and please do not forget to explain your experience on this blog for the worldwide lovers and all VOIP and free international phone call users,

Well, UK / London cheap international call site claims (Talkfree7 had not tested these though):

• No Credit Card needed
• No Registration needed
• No Extra Bills from them
• No Calling Cards or Pin ever needed
• No Pre-payments
• No Long-term or any contract is there
• Great Call Quality...



ruchi jain said...

hello piyush,

thanks for the info, i am currently residing in London and was looking for a cheap way to call back home and this London Call site is great. 2p to call India is a good rate and great vocie quality..

Thanks keep the good work up and get us more news content like this

kartikshradha said...

Hi Ruchi,

Nice dear to be with your esteemed comment on Talkfree7, my pleasure you visited this Blog and find this post useful for you, I am thankful that you shared your kind thoughts on Talkfree7 with global visitors, you know Talkfree7 has readers from atleast 200 countries now : )

This is ALL because that you nice readers always supports and encourage me to write more and useful for all of the VOIP WORLD COMMUNITY,

Dear Ruchi thank you again, have a nice time and a happy life ahead, take care,

Warm Wishes,

Piyush K

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