Fring Mobile VoIP App for IPhone 3.0; Nokia N97

Smart VOIP App for Smart Mobiles For Smart Guys:

In one line, we simply can say that, The Fring is Mobile Phones’ Skype, The Great and BIG VOIP application and popular something similar to like VOIP King Skype,

Fring (Truphone, Nimbuzz etc are few another mobile VOIP apps) is one of the most popular Mobile VOIP (MOIP = Mobile + VOIP) software / app / application to be downloaded worldwide for the Mobile Phones for VOIP calls and of course it supports free VOIP Skype Calls too, and VOIP calling on Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Java Mobiles etc,

Good news for the mobile VOIP callers who wish to make the free or low cost mobile phone international calls, the Fring mobile VOIP software is already supporting the Apple’s latest wonder iPhone OS 3.0 software update,

Apple’s Inc. release of iPhone OS 3.0 software update, Fring Mobile VOIP announced that Fring supports the latest cult mobile phone the new iPhone OS 3.0 firmware, and this also includes the latest iPhone 3Gs.

Fring further elaborates, that you do not require anything more as the version is already on your mobile, just enjoy, Fring Mobile VOIP with Apple’s latest & best iPhone,

At the same time, the Finnish mobile giants' latest gizmo and talk of the town is out of the box, the brand new in premium and popular N Series; so at the same time Nokia N97 had also surfaced the shelves,

And mobile VOIP SOFTWARE giant Fring proudly again supports this Nokia N97 handset too with their most latest and the social version till date - this is the 3.40 version till date,


The latest Nokia N97 flagship phone consists a big 640×360 sliding / angling touch screen display, it also has a sliding QWERTY keypad, the Symbian S60 Edition 5, oops a 5 megapixel camera, and 32GB of internal memory, my God...

So make download mobile VOIP Fring today on your wonder smart mobile phones now,

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