Skype 3.0 VOIP app for Windows Mobile

Make free digital voice calling with Skype 3.0 for Windows

Skype Version 3.0 for Windows OS Mobile Phones (Cellular Phones){after Skype 2.5 for Windows Mobile}:

Fortunately, we are living right now in the digital age, an era of communications & telecom revolution where Digital Voice Calling or VOIP or IP or Broadband telephone calls have reduced the expenses of communication significantly and has enhanced the quality of life by also cutting the physical distances,

Skype, is my favorite VOIP service provider, the best thing is its call quality is superb and one can always make free VOIP voice and video calls Skype to Skype, anytime, anywhere in the world, also cellular / mobiles which support Skype software like having these OS: Windows, Apple iPhone, Java etc or mobile application like FRING or on 3 Skypephone, Nokia N97 etc can always use VOIP Skype on the cellular handsets and can make a free unlimited international call anywhere between the Skype users by using broadband Internet or a Wi-Fi Hotspot anywhere,

Skype 3.0 for Windows® Phones is ready now, download it free from here:

The new things in Skype 3.0 for Windows mobile are:

Send files: It’s always fun and free to send the spreadsheets, pictures, music or any other files Skype to Skype worldwide.

Send texts messages(SMS) / IM: Again fun and instant, send SMS / texts to cellular phones abroad, thus this could be a great solution to avoid hefty international roaming charges abroad, just SMS / text on Skype from any Hot Spot / Wi-Fi zone.

Skype to Skype worldwide free voice and video digital call are always available,

When you miss you children or have to just say your wife, how much you love her, keep a Skype enabled phone with you, parents will also love you when they see your live streaming video while calling voice and all for free, Skype to Skype, Skype is just GREAT, ITS CHANGING THE LIVES WE LIVE, Thank you Skype, we love you like we love Google! Skype is a real ‘killer’ thing in today’s telecom and digital calling world,

Skype VOIP on Black Berry (North America's one of he most popular handset) is on the Way... we are also waiting for VOIP Skype on Palm Pre, lets see when its come? Till than enjoy the Skype 3.0 for Windows Mobile...

UK's 3 Mobile and Free Lifetime Skype Calls

UK based 3 Mobile provides for Free Lifetime Skype Calls , and Also on Nokia N97

(Free Skype to Skype VOIP Lifetime (forever) calls and Skype instant messages (IM) only from the UK or while roaming on a 3 sister network...)

Make Free VOIP Skype to Skype unlimited International Call for Free for lifetime, through the 3G Mobile Phone, do not you think that this is a telecom wonder : )

We know The Skype is the world's most popular VOIP service provider with excellent and crispy voice and video quality, it offers free unlimited international video / audio / voice call over PC to PC via Internet broadband telephony (IP calls) and also over the Skype enabled mobile phones,

Skype VOIP has 400+ million worldwide users or Skypers and its an E-Bay company which was the creation of Estonians,

Now Use Skype with your 3G mobile network and make free Skype to Skype VOIP calls with 3 Mobile, Two free 3-SIM (3 X-Series Mobile) cards could be ordered here:

What is 3X-Series?

Just you must have a Skype enabled mobile phone and 3-SIM (3 X-Series Mobile) card to make you get qualified for the free VOIP Skype-Skype unlimited free international calls,

Choose from here 3-SIM (3 X-Series Mobile) Skype enabled VOIP Mobile phone, than choose a suitable plan like Pay Monthly or Pay As You Go (PAYG) packages (3-SIM comes with the package), than download SKYPE VOIP app for free:

Also read:

3 UK will launch Nokia N97: Free Skype Calling is There…

Fring Mobile VoIP App for IPhone 3.0; Nokia N97

Smart VOIP App for Smart Mobiles For Smart Guys:

In one line, we simply can say that, The Fring is Mobile Phones’ Skype, The Great and BIG VOIP application and popular something similar to like VOIP King Skype,

Fring (Truphone, Nimbuzz etc are few another mobile VOIP apps) is one of the most popular Mobile VOIP (MOIP = Mobile + VOIP) software / app / application to be downloaded worldwide for the Mobile Phones for VOIP calls and of course it supports free VOIP Skype Calls too, and VOIP calling on Apple iPhone, Windows Mobile, Java Mobiles etc,

Good news for the mobile VOIP callers who wish to make the free or low cost mobile phone international calls, the Fring mobile VOIP software is already supporting the Apple’s latest wonder iPhone OS 3.0 software update,

Apple’s Inc. release of iPhone OS 3.0 software update, Fring Mobile VOIP announced that Fring supports the latest cult mobile phone the new iPhone OS 3.0 firmware, and this also includes the latest iPhone 3Gs.

Fring further elaborates, that you do not require anything more as the version is already on your mobile, just enjoy, Fring Mobile VOIP with Apple’s latest & best iPhone,

At the same time, the Finnish mobile giants' latest gizmo and talk of the town is out of the box, the brand new in premium and popular N Series; so at the same time Nokia N97 had also surfaced the shelves,

And mobile VOIP SOFTWARE giant Fring proudly again supports this Nokia N97 handset too with their most latest and the social version till date - this is the 3.40 version till date,


The latest Nokia N97 flagship phone consists a big 640×360 sliding / angling touch screen display, it also has a sliding QWERTY keypad, the Symbian S60 Edition 5, oops a 5 megapixel camera, and 32GB of internal memory, my God...

So make download mobile VOIP Fring today on your wonder smart mobile phones now,

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About Fring


Fring for Nokia 5800 Xpress Music

Nokia N97 with Skype VOIP inbuilt for Free International Skype to Skype Call

From UK, Make Cheap Overseas Mobile Call

Nizi Bhandari, The CEO & owner of the above telecom company, told TALKFREE7 in an live and exclusive interview from Australia on Skype VOIP,

If you think that UK / London Call seems to be rather a new entrant and player in the field of cheap international telephony who provides unlimited low cost International phone calls (mobile / landline), than you could be wrong,

They already are the veterans in Oz (Australia / Aussie) and are already are providing the free unlimited international calls to their customers using their mobile access number(s) and using free call minutes from Australia to the rest of the world,

Now this is the turn of UK guys who want to dial unlimited cheap international landline / mobile calls to the globe could use this service and please do not forget to explain your experience on this blog for the worldwide lovers and all VOIP and free international phone call users,

Well, UK / London cheap international call site claims (Talkfree7 had not tested these though):

• No Credit Card needed
• No Registration needed
• No Extra Bills from them
• No Calling Cards or Pin ever needed
• No Pre-payments
• No Long-term or any contract is there
• Great Call Quality...


Free calls to Iran by mobile VOIP provider; Rebtel

Sweden based Rebtel is an established name in the mobile VOIP service providers, its good for its mobile VOIP call quality and the vast global coverage area,

Rebtel is providing a free flat 20 minutes mobile VOIP call (normally Rebtel VOIP offers free 5 minutes first time trial calls to its new customers to check the VOIP call quality) to its new customers to call free IRAN, and 15 minutes of free calls to existing and old customers who want to call Iran,

In wake of recent Iran happenings, re: recent Iranian presidential election which turned like a 'chaos' Rebtel the VOIP company is offering this free humanitarian VOIP calling to Islamic Republic of Iran,

Thus Rebtel VOIP is giving away more than quarter of a million minutes to call Iran for free.

This free Iran VOIP call offer lasts till June 29, 2009.

One can use the voucher code “iranelection” to redeem the VOIP free call to Iran.

Existing Users (15 minutes to Iran Free VOIP Calls)

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Redeem now’ at the bottom of the page
3. Click the blue Rebtel heart, enter the voucher code iranelection and click ‘Redeem now’
4. Call your loved ones free of cost and make sure they are OK

New Users (15 minutes to Iran + 5 Welcome Minutes Free VOIP Calls)

1. Go to
2. Click ‘Try Now’ and sign up with Rebtel
3. Go to
4. Click the blue Rebtel heart, enter the voucher code iranelection and click ‘Redeem now’
5. Call your loved ones free of cost and make sure they are OK

Free VoIP cell phone calling by TruPhone

Sky News has an interesting peice of a news-cast today about mobile VOIP free calls via TruPhone, the popular VOIP provider,

Sky news shows that how one could hybrid TRUPHONE VOIP application over mobile phones and blending the VOIP Skype technologies, this VOIP mobile combination is perfect tool for making free VOIP Skype, Google Talk calls over Apple's iPhone / iPod Touch with Wi-Fi too and also on Google Android platform mobiles,

In the above interesting video by You Tube Geraldine Wilson, the CEO of Truphone explains very coolly the VOIP with Truphone, Skype, Google talk, iPhone / iPod Touch etc,


Free international mobile phone call on Wi-Fi & VOIP

Anywhere to Anywhere Free Mobile VOIP Call (Witel to Witel):

Free International VOIP Phone Call from mobile phone or the VOIP free unlimited international calling certainly could lure anyone!?

Well, the Witel Corporation is all set to provide the free phone calls to anybody around the globe,

Jetter Wi-Fi phone (it just looks as a normal mobile phone which works on global Wi-Fi hotspots and even on airplanes, no SIM or roaming hassles, no PC required) is the magic word and with the Witel Corp anybody in the world can dial / make and receive the free calls. The Witel Corp. is launching the worldwide free mobile phone calling service, so just enjoy and make free mobile phone calls with no need for a PC / computer or a dedicated internet connection. Just have a Witel Jetter phone which is currently priced at US$59.99.

Witel would have to offer the two service plans with no long term contracts / commitments, they are priced tagged as $9.99 and $19.99, per month respectively, free call plans also works on Apple iPhone too,

They say, US and Canada shipping for the Jetter mobile Wi-Fi phone is $7.99, and shipping to globals is $11.99.

Witel's Motto: “The World is Your Network” seems would fulfil the need to dial free international calls,

About Witel Corp:

Witel Corp is one of the global mobile communications companies which give unlimited calls without caring the location. It works via making / routing voice calls over Wi-Fi networks and opposed to the traditional mobile phone networks.


Note: Like many VOIP operators, the traditional 911 / E911 emergency service is not available for use on the Witel network.

Witel to Witel Free Calls, free incoming calls, free international call forwarding, free voicemail all are coming this June 16th, count down begins…

World's Very First LTE Mobile Broadband Connection

LTE News: LTE = Long Term Evolution

Huawei and TeliaSonera / sub NetCom with the use of a laptop with a 4G (fourth generation) modem had successfully run the VERY first mobile broadband Internet connection over a live & COMMERCIAL LTE network in Oslo, Norway. They used it to download the high resolution pictures / photos, cool music, mind blowing movies and the mobile business applications...
The T-Mobile Austria already had announced that they have installed the LTE base station that has a high speed data streaming capabilities: 130Mbps+

What the LTE is, How To?

According to Wikipedia:

"LTE (Long Term Evolution) is the next major step in mobile radio communications, and it will be introduced in 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 8."

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