Skype Lite VoIP for BlackBerry on 3G, Wi-Fi not needed

VOIP worldwide voice and video calling brand leader (an E-Bay company from Estonians) THE SKYPE's (it has more than 40 million global registered users till now) admin, Raul Liive reported recently that, "...Skype Lite for BlackBerry smart phones Closed Beta testing..." this would be available at data plans / 3G network etc and no need to find Wi-Fi like Skype for Apple iPhone (AT&T),

...simply this means that the VOIP software for BlackBerry smart phones in on the way (it has just been closed for beta versions for the BlackBerry® Bold™ and BlackBerry® Curve™ smart phones, other BlackBerry models will coming later) and is coming very soon for the free Skype to Skype unlimited International calls or for making low cost / cheap international calls, IM to landlines or mobiles through RIM / Blackberry mobile phones,,

Skype Lite (a 'thin' Skype client for mobile phones,) for BlackBerry Smartphone will differ a bit from other mobile Skype versions as this lite VOIP Skype for BlackBerry version will use the local air time + mobile Internet network (3G data plan etc) to get login into the Skype, to send/receive calls & messages, no need for a HotSpot or a Wi-Fi connection, The Skype Lite application for RIM BlackBerry mobile will works wherever the mobile phone works,

Tariff for using Skype VOIP lite version via RIM BlackBerry Mobiles:

One would only be charged by his local telco / mobile operator for using the local air time and / or data usage based on the type of call / data plan,

No additional or any tariff will incur from VOIP Skype if / when you make Skype to Skype calls or IM on Skype; they are always free globally and will remain free all the time,

But make sure that your national calling rates apply from your mobile operator due to the use of local air time.

Skype will charge only its regular very low Skype rates if / when one calls any landlines / mobiles using Skype and also when you receive calls on your mobile handset from other Skype users or people calling your PERSONAL ONLINE NUMBER.

Skype strongly recommend for an unlimited data plan to be used with the lite version of Skype on Blackberry as Skype knows that the long period of time you remain login more Skype contacts you have, and the more you send / receive IMs the more data it will consume!

So the Skype Lite for BlackBerry Smartphone users should have the both:

1. Calling plan (@ GSM etc) &

2. Data plan (3G etc) enable and to make the use of Blackberry Lite version of Skype.

Though this VOIP BlackBerry software from Skype will be available to all the BlackBerry users worldwide BUT initially the Skype Lite for BlackBerry Smartphone dial call facility would be limited to a few or ten US, European, NZ etc nationals viz.: Australia, Brazil (Rio de Janeiro & Sao Paulo), Denmark, Estonia, Finland, New Zealand, Poland, Sweden, USA, UK.

Skype has now provided VOIP for many mobile platforms like VOIP lite version of Skype for Android powered PDAs and handheld devices, VOIP software for 100+ Java enabled mobile handsets, VOIP for Apple iPhone-iPods, VOIP for Windows Mobile (this mobile Skype VOIP software has been downloaded 12 million+ times globally), and Skype VOIP embedded on Nokia N97 and now with an addition of Blackberry Bold / Curve to VOIP Skype family it would be like having a jewel in the crown for many global Smart Research In Motion Limited (RIM) Blackberry holders and users,



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