Watch VOIP-IPTV; Satellite Broadband Wireless in UK

Whole of the world will witness and The Europe / UK will be the very first proud to have a latest innovation in the wireless: satellite consumer broadband Internet technology which would be speed up to 10 megabyte! its coming ...

This fast TOOWAY satellite broadband 'from the sky' service from Eutelsat (Eutelsat promises to provide latency-sensitive services viz.: IPTV & VoIP via satellite) will be on unveil second week of May 2009, and will have the initial speed of 2 megabytes!

I am a fan of VOIP expert Andy Abramson and he always have something to write on VOIP innovations, his manner is superb and very simple and layman friendly too,

Andy Abramson speaks on this high speed satellite broadband and says that this high speed satellite broadband will also be good for that’s streaming media, IPTV and VoIP etc.


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