No Microsoft VOIP calls at 3G, over Windows 6.5, only Wi-Fi Calling

Do not expect the free international VOIP call or Free Skype unlimited international calls with coming version of Microsoft's Windows 6.5 mobile version, using over a 3G telecom network, only you can do so on a Wi-Fi hotspots (which are not available everywhere)!

Very similar on the lines of Apple iPhone, Microsoft Inc. too has decided not to give the liberty to the windows mobile app. developers to allow them to use Microsoft Windows mobile 6.5 platform (over 3 G data networks etc.) for making free international VOIP Call / cheap VOIP call or something like VOIP brand Skype etc. always doing!

So it means no free VOIP calling using / over 3G data networks with Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 onwards ... only Wi-Fi VOIP calling is permitted with the Microsoft Windows mobile 6.5 platform like Nimbuzz or Apple Inc. which too permits the Skype VOIP on iPhone over Wi-Fi hotspots and not the regular telco networks or 3G!

VOIP data network route seems so become a taboo now a days with the traditional / PSTN telecom operators and there is a strong worldwide tussle (fear of revenue losses) is going all where around the world to stop the ever-growing VOIP calling growth in this period of economic slowdown / recession where every consumers need a free or even a cheap telephony?!

When Apple iTune store produced the VOIP Skype app for iPhone it was an instant hit - success all over the world but Apple allowed limited network to Skype calls on iPhone and Skype VOIP could be used only with Wi-Fi hot spots and not over the 3G data networks etc and even AT&T in USA and T-Mobile etc in Germany and many telcos in many European and other countries have their strong sentiments against this, what we say as 'VOIP' or IP calling!

Recently in UK operator 3 UK SIM only has perhaps the very first telco to embrace VOIP Skype to its customers, thanks to operator 3 to change itself with the moving world needs and embracing to VOIP / Skype,

Until consumer movements across the globe are strong in favor for VOIP need over 3G data networks etc the telcos will do what they want to do and the VOIP apps producing companies like Apple or Microsoft or anyone too would fear to come open with the VOIP need of the day, everybody knows but its all about the money and who want to loose it when they are earning … who cares for consumers? And they say what as … ‘consumer is the KING? Huh! Never forget VOIP is the future of the next gen. telephony….

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