Free International Roaming: National Geographic Travel Phone Explorer - DUET D888 Wireless

The world famous National Geographic (Nat Geo) has now started the wireless telephony service having low cost and cheap international phone calls,

National Geographic team is in association with Cellular Abroad has launched the mobile phone service and it permits the U.S.A. residents too to dial & receive the cheap / low cost international calls,

The USA residents too can now dial from US the international calls to many countries including Canada, Mexico, UK, China, Germany, Israel, Italy etc, and it starts at low as USD .02, the domestic long distance calling within US is flat rate at USD 0.15 a minute,

National Geographic cheap international call deal is available on these mobile handsets: Motorola, Motorola C139, V3 Razr Explorer etc and it also includes a free talktime of 133 minutes for domestic long distance minutes within USA,

The National Geographic wireless Travel Phone plans could be signed up online, Amazon and / or in stores J&R, Expansys, Fry’s etc,

National Geographic DUET D888 Wireless Travel Phone Explorer offers unlimited Free international roaming (free incoming call) phone calls in more than 60 nations (and make and receive call in 160+ countries includes US, Canada) that’s why they say it as an ideal solution for the frequent travelers who trot this globe and know the world which sans international frontiers, and who love to roam on this incredible LONELY PLANET,

Features of National Geographic DUET D888 Wireless Travel Phone Explorer:

• U.K. based phone number

• U.S. number: All Talk Abroad rental phones now come with a second phone number based in the U.S. – Now your friends and family can call you for the cost of a local call! The U.S. number originates from Los Angeles.

• Brand new GSM cellular phone handset having 30 minutes+ talk time included for 65 countries.

• Unlimited free incoming calls in more than 60 countries

• PAYG: Prepaid cellular service no bills, no credit cards, no long term contracts, no hidden fees...after all its world famous National Geographic DUET D888 Wireless Travel Phone Explorer,

• one and same phone number everywhere

• Voice mail, text messaging, 24/7, U.S. based customer support

• Easy to check the call credit 24/7

• Easy to add the talk time

• Uses the same GSM technology that over 200 countries around the world use.

• Special with this phone & SIM package: FREE FedEx Ground Shipping, plus $15 off of any additional prepaid SIM cards.

• National Geographic themed ring tones and wallpaper

• There is a $0.25 per-minute surcharge to your account for all calls made to your U.S. phone number. Calls to your U.K. number are charged at the regular
incoming rates.

• Incoming SMS will not work when sent to the U.S. number. They must be directed to the SIM card's UK number.

• Preloaded with wallpapers, ringtones, and National Geographic Channel video, themes content

• Tri-band frequency (900/1800/1900 MHz) for global roaming

• Dual SIM Card capability - take two phone numbers with you everywhere you travel

• Built-in analog TV and FM radio receiver

• Two embedded VGA-quality cameras for photos and video recording with instant playback

• Exceptional battery life, ideal for travel and roaming,

The National Geographic Talk Abroad Travel Phone Rental package also includes:

• National Geographic Talk Abroad rental handset, with a battery, fully charged and ready to go

• A pre-paid Talk Abroad rental SIM with UK phone number

• International plug adapters

• International 110-220 variable-voltage charger

• Return ship label (from within US, Canadian customers please go here: ). We encourage you to return in the original box


Customer Support: 1-800-287-5072 Land line: +1 310 862 7100 ; US based toll-free Customer Service hotline at 1-877-NAT-GEO1; International: 310-862-7100

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