Free Voice Broadcast in US; A VoIP technology 

CallerBot is a new VOIP technology (provides Free Voice Broadcast in USA) and is a unique process to make free voice call to anyone in the U.S. to any phones, it uses text to voice calling, 

...Now VOIP or voice over Internet Protocol technology can help in transmit / sending automated Bots / Robotic-voice messages anywhere in USA and your text message will be delivered Free as a phone call to the recipient anywhere in whole of the US, VOIP is wonderfully carving the needs of its consumers who need free calls over the net! promises to deliver any text message via VOIP to phone call for free in USA, you have to fill your name you wish to show in caller ID (yeah the caller ID can be made up), your phone number, recipient phone number and of-course the message, 

…the best part is you can also choose the language in which you wish that your message should be broadcast / delivered as a IP - free phone call, you also can choose the slang of the language i.e. it is delivered as a free phone call in male language or the female sweet se xy voice: viz.: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian...

Just fill all details, click to call and your voice call recipient will hear your VOIP voice call (in desired language and desired male or female voice) for free to you and him, your text message is now has been delivered as a free phone call in the North America / US, it’s a one way free calling / voice broadcast and its a VOIP service which promises free phone call in US with lots of fun : ) Enjoy, Free Calling / Free voice broadcast System in USA!

Note: I do not know it works or not but our US based readers can make comments here for us all, thank you!


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