Unlimited Skype VOIP Call: South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, India, Thailand


Good News to VOIP Skype (an E-Bay company) users, now you can call unlimited to 42 Global countries as VOIP Skype has just added South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, India and Thailand to its unlimited calling subscription plan, it means that

• One can now enjoy VOIP call / talk as long as he want*, @ any time of day, to 40+ nations,

• Skype VOIP subscription plan do not bind you with any long term contract - so feel free to sign up for 1, 3, 12 months at a time,

• VOIP call at any time - so do not wait for 'peak' / 'off-peak' with Skype VOIP

• Skype had included Voicemail in its subscription package - means one would never miss a call, + you will get 50% off an online number,

• The best thing is that VOIP Skype can be used / subscription can be used directly from your mobile phone (including Apple iPhone / iPod Touch) or you can use it to call from any mobile / landline with Skype To Go number,

• VOIP Skype is offering flat discounted rates: a 25% discount on its low rates if somebody sign up for minimum 12 months and surely before the 6th May 2009,

• Skype to Skype (P2P-peer to peer) unlimited International VOIP Video calls are always free from anywhere to anywhere,

India, Brazil and South Africa are one of the costliest destinations where even VOIP calls are rather expensive due to call termination rates etc and Skype has included both nations to its unlimited subscription list here as:

India VOIP Skype Subscription plan:


Brazil VOIP Skype Subscription plan:


Call South Africa VOIP Skype Subscription plan:


US, Canada, Unlimited World, And Unlimited Country VOIP Skype Subscription plan:


Unlimited Europe (20 European countries) VOIP Skype Subscription plan:


If you do not need unlimited subscription plan than you may opt for the PAYG: Pay As you Go or simply pay as you go with Skype Credits.

So its all about Skype-VOIP and unlimited international voice-video calls, Skype is THE BEST of all VOIP, I love it, its voice quality is superb and crystal clear, download Skype 4.0 for a lifetime audio and video quality on broadband calling,

Skype Statutory Warning:

No emergency calls with Skype e.g. 911 etc. Skype is not a replacement for your ordinary telephone and can't be used for emergency calling.


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