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After talktalk, free anytime local call and 0845 / 0870 offer in UK using LAND LINES, now Lebara has some thing similar to offer that free MOBILE telephone calls and text messaging within UK from Lebara SIM to Lebara SIM users, THE OFFER IS ONLY VALID FOR APRIL 2009, and only within UK,

You don’t need to be a tech guy, no need to buy a VOIP plan or PBX, SIP enabled soft phone, no IP calls, and they are purely and free cell to cell phone calls for first fifteen minute (Lebara to Lebara) within UK until April 30, 2009…

All Lebara to Lebara cell phone calls in UK are FREE for first 15 minutes, and will be charged at 10p per minute thereafter on wards,

This free mobile call in UK offer comes under the Fair usage policy so be sure to read the fine prints before going to make free call or free text messaging in UK,

The Calls to the 999 are free too {999 is UK's and Ireland's official emergency telephone number, It's the oldest emergency call service in the world...999 emergency UK number is used alongside the EU standard 112}

The Free Calls & SMS Promotion (the “Free Calls & SMS Offer") is under these terms and conditions:

1. All calls within the UK from Lebara mobile to Lebara mobile are FREE for the first 15 minutes, and charged at 10p per minute thereafter (Free call offer valid up to April 30, 2009, could be revoked any time prior to April 30, 2009 without any notices, Any withdrawal will be notified at,

2. All text messages / SMS within the UK from Lebara to Lebara are FREE,

3. Lebara will NOT apply any connection charge or fee to any call or SMS from a Lebara SIM Card to another Lebara SIM Card,

4. The free calling promotion only applies to calls and SMS made and received within the UK between Lebara SIM Cards. All call rates are in pence per minute.

Read full details of T&C here: 


This is UKs, PAYG (pay as you go) service and no long term contract and no monthly billing,

This free mobile phone calling within UK offers SIM card packs, which are available via Tesco, Asda, Martin McColl and also from most local shops....



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