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3G / Wi-Fi Issue Hots Up!

Official VoIP Skype for Apple iPhone is the hottest telecom product to be downloaded in mobile VOIP technology segment nowadays,

People are excited to download free Skype VOIP app at their Apple iPhone and Skype is also in the making of its VOIP app for the Blackberry - RIM coming May 2009, VOIP is hot and everybody needs the free international call, Skype to Skype that is to using their mobile, iPhone or wireless device like iPod etc?!

But the problem emerging now is US's AT&T; Canada’s Rogers and also the Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile in Germany etc have decided to blocked / banned the VOIP Skype from their carriers / networks, resulting the SKYPE VOIP to be accessible only through the local Wi-Fi connection : (

The VOIP is taking away the whole bunch of revenues from the traditional PSTN carrier that’s why the telecom battle between VOIP and PSTN is going on...

But what for the consumers who love VOIP, Skype and Free international calls, why the consumer suffer?

Now all where the Apple iPhone users are getting united against the world’s leading telcos so that they allow the use of VOIP Skype over the 3G airwaves?


Apple Inc. supports Telcos to restrict the use of 3G for making its VOIP call over iPhone and allows making free or cheap VOIP calling over iPhone using Skype app / Nimbuzz etc only through the Wi-Fi hot spots and not via 3G!

While US, Canadian and German VOIP-Skype-iPhone users are suffering, (France too has such VOIP policies) from this autocratic policy of respective Telcos, the Skype too is concerned over the issue,

VOIP-Skype’s Government Relations team is very actively advocating the VOIP blocking issue and is working towards the interest of the online world who really and really needs the FREE UNLIMITED VOIP INTERNATIONAL VIDEO CALLS using the broadband or IP telephony,

Border less or Free International Call, VOIP and wireless are the future, so nobody should have a right to restrict the free voice communication!



mocoNews - German Carrier T-Mobile Blocking Skype

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