Pakistan VOIP-DID Numbers: International Call at Local Tariff the global ITSP- VOIP and Wi-Fi Free VOIP call providing company has now new Islamabad, Pakistan DID number {PAKISTAN Islamabad 0 51 7181899...Tpad VOIP checked this DID number via IAX Phone} to call anywhere international / overseas / global from Pakistan by dialing local Islamabad calling number at local Pakistan tariff, more local numbers from Pakistan are in the pipeline, so keep an Eagle eye on Tpad VOIP forums,

Tpad VOIP says: "This Pakistan DID Number has a large number of channels behind it so unlike the old service it should not be blocked as often..."

FAQ / How to Dial Global Calls From Pakistan at local calling rates:

1. The caller has to dial Tpad Local (local tariff) access number for their respective nation / region just by using a Normal House Phone / or mobile phone,

2. Now wait for a welcome tune (approx 10 seconds) > press 1 > listen the prompt > dial your seven digit TPad VOIP number, you will be get connected at international call at local rates or even free, depending on your local telecommunication carrier / telco,

3. The receiver of the VOIP call has to answer / reply the VOIP call in Free Tpad Softphone / VOIP Phone / any other Free VoIP Device e.g. (ATA / IP Phone / Wi-Fi Mobile / Mobile / Web Phone), its costs you NOTHING – 100% free VOIP calling and with crystal clear voice call quality.

4. The receiver of the VOIP call also have an option to redirect this VOIP call to his any personal Landline number / Mobile number, than it will only cost him the Tpad Rate to his nation…and TPAD say that it is "still very cheap and it will utilize the $6.99 charge we are introducing in May..."

Tpad VOIP's list of free softphone / SIP etc devices which can be used to receive these types of call for FREE:

Selection of Free Softphones that work with Tpad:

How to setup your VoIP Device (ATA / IP Phone / Wi-Fi Mobile):

How to use Tpad on your Mobile via Nimbuzz or Fring:


TPad-VOIP's Testimonials:

One of the testimonials displayed at TPAD- VOIP site says as:

"... My family in Karachi are poor and they can't afford to ring me as often as they like, but I have just set a Free Account up with Tpad and explained to them that they just ring from a normal phone the Tpad Karachi Local Number followed by my 7 digit Tpad Number .Then they can talk any time of the day for as long as they want and it will be only cost them the price of a Local Call and not an International Call.

I then forward this call to my UK landline and all I pay is just 2 cent a minute and the quality of the call is amazing and never disconnects like the old phone line did. Tpad is the best thing that has happened to me and my family in a long time....Thanks a lot Tpad; you have saved my family a lot of money in a short amount of time!..."

Tpad Local access DID number country list:

ARGENTINA Buenos Aires 011 50314720
AUSTRALIA Melbourne 03 90018685
AUSTRALIA Sydney 02 90372744
BAHRAIN National 0 16199009
BELGIUM Brussels 02 7470254
BRAZIL Rio de Janeiro 021 30020575
BULGARIA Sofia 02 4917134
CANADA Edmonton 780 628 7790
CANADA Toronto1 (647) 723 3640
CANADA Vancouver1 (778) 785 4211
CHILE Santiago 02 5821844
CZECH REPUBLIC Prague 02 46019148
DENMARK National 77345753
ESTONIA National 6681372
FINLAND Helsinki 09 42597847
FRANCE Paris01 72898101
HUNGARY Budapest 01 9994901
IRELAND Dublin01 6575613
ISRAEL Jerusalem 02 5695205
ITALY Milan02 40042015
ITALY Rome 06 99268160
JAPAN Tokyo 03 45903116
MEXICO Mexico City 055 11689854
NETHERLANDS Amsterdam 020 8908243
NEW ZEALAND Auckland 09 4427385
NORWAY Oslo 02 1543295
PAKISTAN Islamabad 051 7181899
PERU Lima 01 7061950
POLAND Warsaw 022 3988047
SPAIN Barcelona 93 3905484
SWEDEN Stockholm 08 52500225
SWITZERLAND Geneva 022 5330324
THAILAND Bangkok 02 1013109
UK London 020 33553249
UK Manchester 0161 6606863
UNITED STATES Albertville 1 (256) 849 8900
UNITED STATES Jacksonville 1 (256) 365 2803
UNITED STATES Los Angeles 1 (323) 879 7002
UNITED STATES San Francisco 1 (415) 449 8737
UNITED STATES Tuscaloosa 1 (205) 765 0704

Ways to Make Tpad VoIP Calls:



Anonymous said...

Any number for MONTREAL in Canada?

Unknown said...

Any chance for south Africa Number me waiting for last 2 years that Tpad will add South Africa number but my wish is still not completed.

Please add south africa number pleaseeeeeeee.

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