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After VOIP Skype software for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch now this is Vopium, the popular VOIP company from Europe has to offer free Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi VOIP international mobile calls anywhere in the world between the Wi-Fi users,

About Vopium VOIP: (A Copenhagen based Danish -European VOIP company)


We know, Vopium is a carrier-grade international mobile telecom service, which offers free - low cost - cheap international calls from any mobile handset….

One can use VOIP low cost Vopium application free software on the mobile phones to make free Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi global VOIP calls OR cheap VOIP mobile calls from their home country, one can thus save up to 90% on international mobile / land-line VOIP calls.

VOIP Vopium supports range of / numerous smart mobile handsets: Java, Symbian, RIM, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Apple iPhone etc.


VOIP Vopium uses intelligent routing & connection technology which ensures to make automatically transmit the lowest cost connectivity to any international call.

See what VOIP Vopium says about this smart international roaming VOIP technology which understands to reroute the international voice call to a cheapest available route while on international roaming:


"When you go abroad

Vopium will always detect the cheapest possible solution for you. When traveling, Vopium will detect that you are roaming on a foreign network and will disable it because Vopium might not be the cheapest possible solution. However, if you are calling non-EU destinations you will still save a lot of money by using Vopium. In such cases, it'll still be of great advantage to you to use Vopium, even abroad...."

Vopium is now offering its free mobile application / software to call VOIP via Apple iPhone, consumers / businesses around the world can download & register the VOIP VOPIUM calling application for Apple iPhone from Apple's App store, and they will than receive free trial talk time / 30 free international minutes VOIP trial calls (local calling charges may apply) ...

Vopium has a free software programme using mobile VoIP & Wi-Fi hotspot technology to cut / reduce the cost of international VOIP phone calls in 19 nations: that includes many European nations too where VOIP calls / telephony is now becoming very popular:

Australia (beta), Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand (beta), Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and US,

Vopium is also being said to be the world's first mobile VoIP provider which offer mobile backup service - its a free service and allows Vopium VOIP users to store their mobile address book contacts / calendar securely online / virtual world.

This Vopium Sync is able to automatically back-up the users’ contacts / calendar direct to their online Vopium account….



Recently the Vopium VOIP had won the Frost & Sullivan 2009 European Mobile VoIP Technology Innovation Award, Vide:


Remember: VOIP Vopium Wi-Fi users can ALWAYS call each other around the world for free....

Call for free, WiFi to WiFi


Free Mobile Wi-Fi To Mobile Wi-Fi International VOIP Call




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