Free VoIP Calls From Italy, Switzerland and USA IP / VOIP is offering free overseas long distance free phone call (at the charges of a local call) from Italy, Switzerland and USA! (Also free domestic phone service to Italy, Switzerland and USA),

No need to buy calling minutes, no need of a credit card, free international / worldwide calling from mobile or landlines to any phone and even no PC or Internet access is required,

Free international VOIP call strategy:

Ringplus offers advertiser sponsored VOIP phone call and this is absolutely free for anyone. They just replace the ring tone with the ads to recover the long-distance call charges and thus make them free for their subscribers,

This ringplus VOIP has the local access numbers in Italy, Switzerland and USA; you have to dial the local access number to make free international VOIP call:

VOIP Local Access numbers in:

Italy-Milan; Switzerland-Bellaizona & Lausanne, USA-Several major cities listed here:

For customer care, one has to dial any access number followed by # 611

So you will only be charged / billed to dial local access number than your international VOIP call will be free to the world from Italy, Switzerland or USA,

There may be some time limits to make and use the free VOIP calls, just read there FAQ for the explanation,


Free Call


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