From Australia to Italy a Free Phone Call: Telstra

Australia's Telstra is offering free international phone calling from Australia (from fixed line residential phones) to Italy's (fixed line) earthquake effected areas viz.: Abruzzo region of central Italy, including L'Aquila, to make a know how of the loved ones,,21985,25316258-661,00.html

The free call offer from Australia to Italy opens till midnight, Thursday April 16, 2009,

This is a free phone to phone call (from fixed line residential phones) and no need to have a internet connectivity, PC or VOIP connectivity etc,

The toll free phone calls from Australia to Italy can also be dialled to central Italian towns: Avezzano, Pratola Peligna, Rieti and Teramo etc,

Telstra says: telephone calls made to Italy's L'Aquila from Aussie, only at this duration of time will be automatically billed at zero, so it’s a 100% free phone call from Australia to Italy,

Telstra further suggests, that communication lines though are opened to Italy now but customers should adhere to patience as some problems may still be there while connecting to Italy,

• L'Aquila +39-862
• Avezzano +39-863
• Pratola Peligna +39-864
• Rieti +39-746
• Teramo +39-861

So take the advantage of Australia-Telstra and make free call from Australia to Italy to say Hello to your loved ones at these Italy affected areas,

Telephoon's sincere wishes,


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