Pakistan VOIP-DID Numbers: International Call at Local Tariff the global ITSP- VOIP and Wi-Fi Free VOIP call providing company has now new Islamabad, Pakistan DID number {PAKISTAN Islamabad 0 51 7181899...Tpad VOIP checked this DID number via IAX Phone} to call anywhere international / overseas / global from Pakistan by dialing local Islamabad calling number at local Pakistan tariff, more local numbers from Pakistan are in the pipeline, so keep an Eagle eye on Tpad VOIP forums,

Tpad VOIP says: "This Pakistan DID Number has a large number of channels behind it so unlike the old service it should not be blocked as often..."

FAQ / How to Dial Global Calls From Pakistan at local calling rates:

1. The caller has to dial Tpad Local (local tariff) access number for their respective nation / region just by using a Normal House Phone / or mobile phone,

2. Now wait for a welcome tune (approx 10 seconds) > press 1 > listen the prompt > dial your seven digit TPad VOIP number, you will be get connected at international call at local rates or even free, depending on your local telecommunication carrier / telco,

3. The receiver of the VOIP call has to answer / reply the VOIP call in Free Tpad Softphone / VOIP Phone / any other Free VoIP Device e.g. (ATA / IP Phone / Wi-Fi Mobile / Mobile / Web Phone), its costs you NOTHING – 100% free VOIP calling and with crystal clear voice call quality.

4. The receiver of the VOIP call also have an option to redirect this VOIP call to his any personal Landline number / Mobile number, than it will only cost him the Tpad Rate to his nation…and TPAD say that it is "still very cheap and it will utilize the $6.99 charge we are introducing in May..."

Tpad VOIP's list of free softphone / SIP etc devices which can be used to receive these types of call for FREE:

Selection of Free Softphones that work with Tpad:

How to setup your VoIP Device (ATA / IP Phone / Wi-Fi Mobile):

How to use Tpad on your Mobile via Nimbuzz or Fring:


TPad-VOIP's Testimonials:

One of the testimonials displayed at TPAD- VOIP site says as:

"... My family in Karachi are poor and they can't afford to ring me as often as they like, but I have just set a Free Account up with Tpad and explained to them that they just ring from a normal phone the Tpad Karachi Local Number followed by my 7 digit Tpad Number .Then they can talk any time of the day for as long as they want and it will be only cost them the price of a Local Call and not an International Call.

I then forward this call to my UK landline and all I pay is just 2 cent a minute and the quality of the call is amazing and never disconnects like the old phone line did. Tpad is the best thing that has happened to me and my family in a long time....Thanks a lot Tpad; you have saved my family a lot of money in a short amount of time!..."

Tpad Local access DID number country list:

ARGENTINA Buenos Aires 011 50314720
AUSTRALIA Melbourne 03 90018685
AUSTRALIA Sydney 02 90372744
BAHRAIN National 0 16199009
BELGIUM Brussels 02 7470254
BRAZIL Rio de Janeiro 021 30020575
BULGARIA Sofia 02 4917134
CANADA Edmonton 780 628 7790
CANADA Toronto1 (647) 723 3640
CANADA Vancouver1 (778) 785 4211
CHILE Santiago 02 5821844
CZECH REPUBLIC Prague 02 46019148
DENMARK National 77345753
ESTONIA National 6681372
FINLAND Helsinki 09 42597847
FRANCE Paris01 72898101
HUNGARY Budapest 01 9994901
IRELAND Dublin01 6575613
ISRAEL Jerusalem 02 5695205
ITALY Milan02 40042015
ITALY Rome 06 99268160
JAPAN Tokyo 03 45903116
MEXICO Mexico City 055 11689854
NETHERLANDS Amsterdam 020 8908243
NEW ZEALAND Auckland 09 4427385
NORWAY Oslo 02 1543295
PAKISTAN Islamabad 051 7181899
PERU Lima 01 7061950
POLAND Warsaw 022 3988047
SPAIN Barcelona 93 3905484
SWEDEN Stockholm 08 52500225
SWITZERLAND Geneva 022 5330324
THAILAND Bangkok 02 1013109
UK London 020 33553249
UK Manchester 0161 6606863
UNITED STATES Albertville 1 (256) 849 8900
UNITED STATES Jacksonville 1 (256) 365 2803
UNITED STATES Los Angeles 1 (323) 879 7002
UNITED STATES San Francisco 1 (415) 449 8737
UNITED STATES Tuscaloosa 1 (205) 765 0704

Ways to Make Tpad VoIP Calls:


iPhone Free International VOIP Call: Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi

After VOIP Skype software for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch now this is Vopium, the popular VOIP company from Europe has to offer free Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi VOIP international mobile calls anywhere in the world between the Wi-Fi users,

About Vopium VOIP: (A Copenhagen based Danish -European VOIP company)

We know, Vopium is a carrier-grade international mobile telecom service, which offers free - low cost - cheap international calls from any mobile handset….

One can use VOIP low cost Vopium application free software on the mobile phones to make free Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi global VOIP calls OR cheap VOIP mobile calls from their home country, one can thus save up to 90% on international mobile / land-line VOIP calls.

VOIP Vopium supports range of / numerous smart mobile handsets: Java, Symbian, RIM, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and Apple iPhone etc.

VOIP Vopium uses intelligent routing & connection technology which ensures to make automatically transmit the lowest cost connectivity to any international call.

See what VOIP Vopium says about this smart international roaming VOIP technology which understands to reroute the international voice call to a cheapest available route while on international roaming:

"When you go abroad

Vopium will always detect the cheapest possible solution for you. When traveling, Vopium will detect that you are roaming on a foreign network and will disable it because Vopium might not be the cheapest possible solution. However, if you are calling non-EU destinations you will still save a lot of money by using Vopium. In such cases, it'll still be of great advantage to you to use Vopium, even abroad...."

Vopium is now offering its free mobile application / software to call VOIP via Apple iPhone, consumers / businesses around the world can download & register the VOIP VOPIUM calling application for Apple iPhone from Apple's App store, and they will than receive free trial talk time / 30 free international minutes VOIP trial calls (local calling charges may apply) ...

Vopium has a free software programme using mobile VoIP & Wi-Fi hotspot technology to cut / reduce the cost of international VOIP phone calls in 19 nations: that includes many European nations too where VOIP calls / telephony is now becoming very popular:

Australia (beta), Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, New Zealand (beta), Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and US,

Vopium is also being said to be the world's first mobile VoIP provider which offer mobile backup service - its a free service and allows Vopium VOIP users to store their mobile address book contacts / calendar securely online / virtual world.

This Vopium Sync is able to automatically back-up the users’ contacts / calendar direct to their online Vopium account….


Recently the Vopium VOIP had won the Frost & Sullivan 2009 European Mobile VoIP Technology Innovation Award, Vide:

Remember: VOIP Vopium Wi-Fi users can ALWAYS call each other around the world for free....

Call for free, WiFi to WiFi


Free Mobile Wi-Fi To Mobile Wi-Fi International VOIP Call


Unlimited Skype VOIP Call: South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, India, Thailand

Good News to VOIP Skype (an E-Bay company) users, now you can call unlimited to 42 Global countries as VOIP Skype has just added South Africa, Colombia, Argentina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, India and Thailand to its unlimited calling subscription plan, it means that

• One can now enjoy VOIP call / talk as long as he want*, @ any time of day, to 40+ nations,

• Skype VOIP subscription plan do not bind you with any long term contract - so feel free to sign up for 1, 3, 12 months at a time,

• VOIP call at any time - so do not wait for 'peak' / 'off-peak' with Skype VOIP

• Skype had included Voicemail in its subscription package - means one would never miss a call, + you will get 50% off an online number,

• The best thing is that VOIP Skype can be used / subscription can be used directly from your mobile phone (including Apple iPhone / iPod Touch) or you can use it to call from any mobile / landline with Skype To Go number,

• VOIP Skype is offering flat discounted rates: a 25% discount on its low rates if somebody sign up for minimum 12 months and surely before the 6th May 2009,

• Skype to Skype (P2P-peer to peer) unlimited International VOIP Video calls are always free from anywhere to anywhere,

India, Brazil and South Africa are one of the costliest destinations where even VOIP calls are rather expensive due to call termination rates etc and Skype has included both nations to its unlimited subscription list here as:

India VOIP Skype Subscription plan:

Brazil VOIP Skype Subscription plan:

Call South Africa VOIP Skype Subscription plan:

US, Canada, Unlimited World, And Unlimited Country VOIP Skype Subscription plan:

Unlimited Europe (20 European countries) VOIP Skype Subscription plan:

If you do not need unlimited subscription plan than you may opt for the PAYG: Pay As you Go or simply pay as you go with Skype Credits.

So its all about Skype-VOIP and unlimited international voice-video calls, Skype is THE BEST of all VOIP, I love it, its voice quality is superb and crystal clear, download Skype 4.0 for a lifetime audio and video quality on broadband calling,

Skype Statutory Warning:

No emergency calls with Skype e.g. 911 etc. Skype is not a replacement for your ordinary telephone and can't be used for emergency calling.


Skype calls

Skype Unlimited to Europe

Free Voice Broadcast in US; A VoIP technology 

CallerBot is a new VOIP technology (provides Free Voice Broadcast in USA) and is a unique process to make free voice call to anyone in the U.S. to any phones, it uses text to voice calling, 

...Now VOIP or voice over Internet Protocol technology can help in transmit / sending automated Bots / Robotic-voice messages anywhere in USA and your text message will be delivered Free as a phone call to the recipient anywhere in whole of the US, VOIP is wonderfully carving the needs of its consumers who need free calls over the net! promises to deliver any text message via VOIP to phone call for free in USA, you have to fill your name you wish to show in caller ID (yeah the caller ID can be made up), your phone number, recipient phone number and of-course the message, 

…the best part is you can also choose the language in which you wish that your message should be broadcast / delivered as a IP - free phone call, you also can choose the slang of the language i.e. it is delivered as a free phone call in male language or the female sweet se xy voice: viz.: English, French, German, Spanish, Italian...

Just fill all details, click to call and your voice call recipient will hear your VOIP voice call (in desired language and desired male or female voice) for free to you and him, your text message is now has been delivered as a free phone call in the North America / US, it’s a one way free calling / voice broadcast and its a VOIP service which promises free phone call in US with lots of fun : ) Enjoy, Free Calling / Free voice broadcast System in USA!

Note: I do not know it works or not but our US based readers can make comments here for us all, thank you!


Free VOIP International Calls for 15 Minute from Any Phone, To Anywhere

This is rather a new VOIP entrant to the scene, they are providing the trial minutes 15 minute free (per mobile number, you have to register your cell number) international / global / overseas calls to any phone mobile or land line; to anywhere, to be dialed only from: (List of countries you can use FooCall to call from): 
• Australia
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Canada
• Denmark
• France
• Greece
• Hungary
• Ireland
• Italy
• Malta
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Pakistan
• Poland
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• United Kingdom

If you like the free trial VOIP international calls than you may opt for their cheap / low cost VOIP calls to the world using your mobile phone (smart mobile which has internet facility),


Free iPhone-GPS App to locate MasterCard-ATMs

MasterCard ATM Hunter / Locator around The World: Apple iPhone-iPod Touch

A free app. for Apple iPhone / iPod Touch at Apple itune stores, this apple iPhone app helps you to locate closest MasterCard ATMs around the world with your Apple iPhone / iPod Touch-GPS, just by putting an address / airport location etc, you can be anywhere in the world at the time and no need to put your location, thanks to this free iPhone App: ATM Hunter (MasterCard) which works in association with GPS and Apple iPhone / iPod Touch,

You can even tailor made your apple iPhone free ATM locator (MasterCard): This ATM Hunter can be customized to make search on your wishes, like when you need to deposit funds / wanna use your own Bank, than always you are free to search for your specific Banks' ATMs.

Also at the times when you feel a need to withdraw / pick some cash from MasterCard ATM, than you are free to make GPS-iPhone search for local / nearby money-ATM locations.

This smart ATM Hunter / locator is free app by Apple iPhone / iPod Touch to be used in consonance with GPS and Apple's iPhone / iPod Touch around the globe,

This smart MasterCard ATM Hunter has the location awareness capability / technology for Apple iPhone or iPod touch to pinpoint the smart ATM global search,

MasterCard ATM Hunter iPhone / iPod Touch application Customer Care:


[email protected]


Free VoIP Calls From Italy, Switzerland and USA IP / VOIP is offering free overseas long distance free phone call (at the charges of a local call) from Italy, Switzerland and USA! (Also free domestic phone service to Italy, Switzerland and USA),

No need to buy calling minutes, no need of a credit card, free international / worldwide calling from mobile or landlines to any phone and even no PC or Internet access is required,

Free international VOIP call strategy:

Ringplus offers advertiser sponsored VOIP phone call and this is absolutely free for anyone. They just replace the ring tone with the ads to recover the long-distance call charges and thus make them free for their subscribers,

This ringplus VOIP has the local access numbers in Italy, Switzerland and USA; you have to dial the local access number to make free international VOIP call:

VOIP Local Access numbers in:

Italy-Milan; Switzerland-Bellaizona & Lausanne, USA-Several major cities listed here:

For customer care, one has to dial any access number followed by # 611

So you will only be charged / billed to dial local access number than your international VOIP call will be free to the world from Italy, Switzerland or USA,

There may be some time limits to make and use the free VOIP calls, just read there FAQ for the explanation,


Free Call


From Australia to Italy a Free Phone Call: Telstra

Australia's Telstra is offering free international phone calling from Australia (from fixed line residential phones) to Italy's (fixed line) earthquake effected areas viz.: Abruzzo region of central Italy, including L'Aquila, to make a know how of the loved ones,,21985,25316258-661,00.html

The free call offer from Australia to Italy opens till midnight, Thursday April 16, 2009,

This is a free phone to phone call (from fixed line residential phones) and no need to have a internet connectivity, PC or VOIP connectivity etc,

The toll free phone calls from Australia to Italy can also be dialled to central Italian towns: Avezzano, Pratola Peligna, Rieti and Teramo etc,

Telstra says: telephone calls made to Italy's L'Aquila from Aussie, only at this duration of time will be automatically billed at zero, so it’s a 100% free phone call from Australia to Italy,

Telstra further suggests, that communication lines though are opened to Italy now but customers should adhere to patience as some problems may still be there while connecting to Italy,

• L'Aquila +39-862
• Avezzano +39-863
• Pratola Peligna +39-864
• Rieti +39-746
• Teramo +39-861

So take the advantage of Australia-Telstra and make free call from Australia to Italy to say Hello to your loved ones at these Italy affected areas,

Telephoon's sincere wishes,


Free Calls

Skype's free VoIP calling to any phone; land line or cell

Note: {This free international call to Skype VOIP from any regular phone either mobile or landline (no smart or Skype enabled phone needed) currently works only from Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America}but you can call anywhere in the world from here using local access numbers of these above nations...

Imagine a situation when you are on go or do not have the internet / broadband access or have no PC / laptop to call your VOIP- Skype buddies, you also do not have a Skype VOIP enabled mobile like Nokia N 97, no Fring, no 3G, no Wi-Fi, but you still need to call them, we have a solution for you,

Now one can make a three minute free international call (only local call charges will apply) to his Skype-VOIP online buddies using ANY standard REGULAR landline or any cellular / mobile phone or from regular home phone, yeah it is a revolution to call free to Skype from ANY phone!

But these free Skype VOIP calls could be dialled from any phone in these countries only: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America, and you have to dial a local access number (local charges apply) for each of your Skype buddy (save it in your diary or mobile diary) and call anywhere to your Skype VOIP contacts, so no heavy international tariffs for you : )

This ‘virtually’ free (local charges apply) VOIP Skype call scheme is under beta and could be ended anytime,

If you need more than three minutes talk time to Skype buddies or an unlimited calling minutes using any REGULAR PHONE or on GO than you have an option of paying USD10 for 6 months and than you can dial unlimited Skype international VOIP calling using any telephone: landline or mobile, is giving the real / regular local phone numbers for each of your Skype VOIP buddies, just dial that local number and it will bear local calling tariff and you can talk your Skype international buddies for free for 3 minutes on your local tariff, the great thing is you can dial these local numbers from any phone landline or mobile, no heavy int’; charges for you,

Currently this free Skype calling service is in beta and could be ended anytime, they have USD 10 package for the guys who need more / unlimited talktime and this is for whole six months,

Even you do not need to have a Skype VOIP account to use this free calls to Skype service : ) it is great?


About Manifone: provides free call to Skype VOIP pals using regular telephone: Manifone is way back launched in 2006 and is pioneer in voice over IP operator, it allows allows individuals & companies to dilute the international mobile bills.

Manifone VOIP have a unique Direct Numbers technology, which connects local calling number to Skype VOIP too,

Manifone is a transparent VoIP operator, currently it operates within: Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States of America,


(Skype and Google are 'verb' now rather than the noun) Skype is the pioneer name in the Internet calling or IP calls or VOIP video unlimited international telephony this is an E-Bay co. and was established by Estonians,

A similar type of free VOIP Skype calling service is also provided by Mobivox: (vide para 29)

About Skype


UK: Free Mobile Phone Calls and text to number 999

Get a FREE UK Number, instantly: Make free international calls

After talktalk, free anytime local call and 0845 / 0870 offer in UK using LAND LINES, now Lebara has some thing similar to offer that free MOBILE telephone calls and text messaging within UK from Lebara SIM to Lebara SIM users, THE OFFER IS ONLY VALID FOR APRIL 2009, and only within UK,

You don’t need to be a tech guy, no need to buy a VOIP plan or PBX, SIP enabled soft phone, no IP calls, and they are purely and free cell to cell phone calls for first fifteen minute (Lebara to Lebara) within UK until April 30, 2009…

All Lebara to Lebara cell phone calls in UK are FREE for first 15 minutes, and will be charged at 10p per minute thereafter on wards,

This free mobile call in UK offer comes under the Fair usage policy so be sure to read the fine prints before going to make free call or free text messaging in UK,

The Calls to the 999 are free too {999 is UK's and Ireland's official emergency telephone number, It's the oldest emergency call service in the world...999 emergency UK number is used alongside the EU standard 112}

The Free Calls & SMS Promotion (the “Free Calls & SMS Offer") is under these terms and conditions:

1. All calls within the UK from Lebara mobile to Lebara mobile are FREE for the first 15 minutes, and charged at 10p per minute thereafter (Free call offer valid up to April 30, 2009, could be revoked any time prior to April 30, 2009 without any notices, Any withdrawal will be notified at,

2. All text messages / SMS within the UK from Lebara to Lebara are FREE,

3. Lebara will NOT apply any connection charge or fee to any call or SMS from a Lebara SIM Card to another Lebara SIM Card,

4. The free calling promotion only applies to calls and SMS made and received within the UK between Lebara SIM Cards. All call rates are in pence per minute.

Read full details of T&C here: 


This is UKs, PAYG (pay as you go) service and no long term contract and no monthly billing,

This free mobile phone calling within UK offers SIM card packs, which are available via Tesco, Asda, Martin McColl and also from most local shops....



UK Landline: Daytime Free Local Calls & 0845 and 0870 Numbers

Now in UK you can make an unlimited local talk / voice call for free, Day Time or ANY TIME, using ISP TalkTalk (telecom and broadband arm of the Carphone Warehouse) from 1st May 2009, and another good news is that the voice calls will also be free to ALL 0845 & 0870 numbers from June 2nd, 2009,

UK's leading ISP and the broadband provider, TalkTalk is first UK telco to make this free local calling and free 0845 and 0870 numbers calls, UK local land line calling at any time using TalkTalk is going to be possible now, 

Talktalk says, that: "...70 per cent of all the UK calls that our customers make are to local numbers, making those calls free will give a significant boost to our customers who want to keep in touch with their neighbors, friends and local services....Combined with no charges for calls to 0845/0870 numbers, up to 90 per cent of our customers’ calls will be made for free”...



Skype VOIP Free Calling over iPhone-BlackBerry

3G / Wi-Fi Issue Hots Up!

Official VoIP Skype for Apple iPhone is the hottest telecom product to be downloaded in mobile VOIP technology segment nowadays,

People are excited to download free Skype VOIP app at their Apple iPhone and Skype is also in the making of its VOIP app for the Blackberry - RIM coming May 2009, VOIP is hot and everybody needs the free international call, Skype to Skype that is to using their mobile, iPhone or wireless device like iPod etc?!

But the problem emerging now is US's AT&T; Canada’s Rogers and also the Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile in Germany etc have decided to blocked / banned the VOIP Skype from their carriers / networks, resulting the SKYPE VOIP to be accessible only through the local Wi-Fi connection : (

The VOIP is taking away the whole bunch of revenues from the traditional PSTN carrier that’s why the telecom battle between VOIP and PSTN is going on...

But what for the consumers who love VOIP, Skype and Free international calls, why the consumer suffer?

Now all where the Apple iPhone users are getting united against the world’s leading telcos so that they allow the use of VOIP Skype over the 3G airwaves?


Apple Inc. supports Telcos to restrict the use of 3G for making its VOIP call over iPhone and allows making free or cheap VOIP calling over iPhone using Skype app / Nimbuzz etc only through the Wi-Fi hot spots and not via 3G!

While US, Canadian and German VOIP-Skype-iPhone users are suffering, (France too has such VOIP policies) from this autocratic policy of respective Telcos, the Skype too is concerned over the issue,

VOIP-Skype’s Government Relations team is very actively advocating the VOIP blocking issue and is working towards the interest of the online world who really and really needs the FREE UNLIMITED VOIP INTERNATIONAL VIDEO CALLS using the broadband or IP telephony,

Border less or Free International Call, VOIP and wireless are the future, so nobody should have a right to restrict the free voice communication!



mocoNews - German Carrier T-Mobile Blocking Skype

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