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Good VOIP Free call news for blogs / website or web page owners, now you can offer your visitors to embed-make free international VOIP VOICE calls direct from your web property, its absolutely free VOIP calling (Advertisement based) and its international too,

Nothing to download, no microphone required, just phone to phone (your existing phone) VOIP free voice calls to global contacts, dial free calls from telephoon.blogspot.com from anywhere: cafe, home, office, so just remember this Site,

Thanks to POKETALK (of Parrot Media) which has released a VOIP free call widget / API / Applet (to integrate VOIP caling within your website), Poketalk is the Israel based VOIP company which is now a leader in offering totally free limited calling initiating from 15 countries to 55+ countries right now!

Users can make 50 free voice calls for 10 minutes per 30 days, so each month they receive another 50 free VOIP international phone calls, which is more than eight hours a month, not bad : )

Talkfree: Free VOIP Call Destinations


Dial free VOIP Call From:

Australia Austria Canada + mobile, Denmark France Germany Ireland Israel Italy Japan Netherlands Singapore + mobile, Spain United Kingdom USA + mobile,

Receive Free VOIP call In:

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada + mobile, Chile China + mobile, Colombia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Germany Greece Guam + mobile, Hong Kong + mobile, Hungary Ireland Israel Italy Japan Kazakhstan Luxembourg Malaysia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Norway Panama Peru Poland Portugal Puerto Rico + mobile, Romania Russia Singapore + mobile, South Korea Spain Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Tajikistan Thailand + mobile, Turkey United Kingdom USA + mobile, Vatican Venezuela

If you are in US, Canada or Singapore, than even you can dial a call free VOIP call from your existing mobile (cell phones) besides landline phone to these 55 nations landline phones and also to mobile phones in US, Canada, China, Guam, Hong Kong, Puerto Rico, Singapore, Thailand, USA…do you need more? This is the true example of ONE WORLD-Free World-Mobile World…Wireless Wonder, Mobile VOIP!

Ooops India, Pakistan UAE, Gulf etc are not in the list, we request POKETALK to include South Asia in the list too as this is an important VOIP region of the world!

You can make daily visit to our blog, TALKFREE7, to make free international VOIP call, you can call from internet cafe, home or office if your country supports outgoing VOIP free call, just visit this blog, so BOOKMARK us and spread the word to your near and dears, colleagues, businesses etc so they too can make or receive free international VOIP calls from TALKFREE7 free VOIP phone to phone call widget!

If your country is not in DIAL FREE VOIP call list, it may appear soon, till than you may ask yours near and dears located in these 13 countries to make a free VOIP call to you if you live in one of the above 55 listed nations where free VOIP calls could be received!

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