VoIP Skype's voice mail to text alerts, by Spinvox


With VOIP leader SKYPE you will never miss your more voice mails now, VOIP Skype has now 2 new features: Skype voice mail to text and Skype voice mail alerts.

Skype Voice mail to text:

VoIP Skype's voice mail is a thing when one can be sure about that he will never miss his phone call. All the un replied / unanswered phone calls will automatically go to Skype's Voicemail and one can retrieve the voice messages at his peril when he is free, you can always check them from anywhere you login in to your Skype / or one can use 'Skype To Go'.

Skype VOIP have partnered with SpinVox!

UK based SpinVox are the champions in the field of transcribing / converting voicemail into SMS / Text messages, so when you have a voice mail on your Skype VOIP you will automatically get a text message on your cell phone which had converted that voice mail into text words for your convenience so you can read it, when you have time, though you can always hear your voice mails too when you have the time or access to your Skype VOIP!

SpinVox right now supports voice mail to text feature in English, French, German and Spanish languages and this auto-transcript is rather cool,

Regards pricing Skype depicts: "...Each voicemail to text conversion will cost €0.20/£0.17/$0.25 plus the cost of sending up to 3 SMS at standard low Skype rates, depending on the length of the voicemail message...."

Skype voicemails are NOT converted to text immediately, but takes a 10 minute gap before conversion so one can, may be have a chance to make them listen to the voicemail first, if he wish so!

Skype Voicemail alerts:

Now Skype VOIP permits you to set alerts when you had received a voice mail, it can be via email or SMS, email alerts are free, and Text alerts are tariffed Skype’s standard low texting rates.

One can always pick his voice mail on the move using: Skype To Go,

one can set privacy settings and number of alerts per day etc


Such a similar service of enhanced visual voicemail (Voicemail to Text) is also provided by Ribbit:


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