Skype Silk Wide Band Audio Codec; A Free, VOIP Innovation

Do you know that Skype 4.0 for Windows (Skype's Silk codec for Mac version will come later) has the new Silk Wide Band speech / audio codec....Its Skype VOIP's latest innovation in the voice encoding technology over VOIP packeting system which captures the full sound of the human voice, when / If both ends on a VOIP call use the version of Skype 4.0 as it has the new codec, the call quality increases dramatically.

Traditional PSTN lines lacks bandwidth to maintain the cost of hardware / equipments, But we are in the very communication era where the speed of voice and quality too should be reliable and fruitful, and the Wideband audio has already emerged with VOIPs like Skype, also due to silicon based manufacturing we can keep the equipments cost low too, and can achieve a high speed, crystal clear and wide-band audio quality over VOIP transmission...

E bay's subsidiary the leader of peer to peer (P2P) VOIP, Skype's Silk, the wideband audio codec is free for anyone, the Silk wideband codec is the open and royalty free wideband codec for anyones or third party use, its predecessor codec was SVOPC,

FYI: a various audio / speech codecs exists right now viz.: iSac, AMRWideband, open source codec Speex. But according to VOIP global brand the Skype claim, SILK wide band audio codec is far superior of any or all of them,

It is clearly signaled or seems that Skype is getting ready for the future (Skype Out, an API etc) for its core calling functions as a services,

The Silk wide band audio codec is good for better audio response @ half the bit-rate for wideband, Silk also has introduced a super wideband mode! Silk audio wide band codec has 24 kHz sample rate and 12 kHz audio bandwidth mode.

So what this SILK speech wide band codec means for a layman? Skype 4.0 for Windows has the new Silk Wide Band audio codec what is it?

Its simply means that Skype VOIP 4.0 will have superb quality voice / audio, and its even on a slow internet connections, a codec acts as a bridge between a file size & its audio quality!

Simply, this Silk wide band codec at Skype 4.0 will enable super wideband audio and will thus optimizes its VOIP call quality, it will have a wonderful voice experience even in a low network bandwidth environments! Silk Wide Band codec will enhance and transform the sound for Skype VOIP calling,

Silk Wideband audio codec from Skype VOIP uses atleast 50% less of the network bandwidth than it uses previously, this Skype's audio codec is the result of 3 year long hard work and development process at Skype labs,

So make skype to skype unlimited free international video call over Skype 4.0 both ends and experience the Skype thrill a wonderful voice quality like the two guys who are on a VOIP call are talking, sitting in the same room : ) Its SIMPLY Superb!

And VOIP pundits are right in stipulating that a Wide band Telephony Finally has been Arrived



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