Skype Mobile VOIP App for Apple iPhone

Update (Its there now):

Skype for iPhone shoots to number one:

A strong rumour is circulating within VOIP circles nowadays that Skype free and cheap unlimited international mobile calling App is coming to Apple iPhone mobile now,

Skype (Peer to Peer or P2P and IM) the Ebay's VOIP Company is finishing its home work to announce this formally very soon, reports says,

Skype already has mobile VOIP version 2.5 and Skype VOIP for mobile version 3.0 for windows etc mobile and though Skype VOIP free to cheap call could be made on Apple iPhone / iPod via FRING, Nimbuzz, TruPhone, etc mobile VOIP support software,

But now Skype's own official mobile software is going to launch for Apple iPhone like Skype Windows mobile VOIP software,

Wireless, mobile and VOIP are the next hottest tech arena in the communication technology and all of the future tech convergence is going to be or around wireless and VOIP centric as it grows now, reports, but there could be some fine prints while Skype software for iPhone hits the Apple App store: the official Skype VOIP app for iPhone may perhaps be restricted to only Wi-Fi networks?! As we know Apple Inc. has done it in the past for third party services like etc which also offers mobile phone call and access to Skype,

But lets see first, what is going to be unfolded by Skype the world leader in international voice calling ranging between low cost to absolutely free, Skype is really a nice and lifetime experience for anybody who need a phone call SANS boundaries,


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