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Have you tried yet www.callingamerica.com to make daily, free, unlimited VOIP browser based PC to any phone call in America / USA / Canada facility from this site? If not you you should try this Advertisement based free VOIP Call facility, its nice and works wonder from anywhere, where there is an internet connectivity, just make a free PC to phone call USA / Canada on any phone numbers, mobile or landline,

Well, now there is yet another free VOIP call provider to North America / Canada now and this is www.freevoiceline.com/dialer.php (an http://www1.ionlogix.com/ilx/home co.) they also promise to provide free VOIP browser based PC to any phone calling in US / Canada from any part of the world using Internet and PC, try them too,

But you should ONLY have a US / Canada number to cal this service means if you are NOT in US / Canada and you still wanna use this free VOIP Call service than surely read this article, how to make free VOIP US-Canada call from any part of the world:



Procedure to make free VOIP PC to phone call to US / Canada is simple: just put your phone number, and then enter the phone number to which you want to make a free VOIP call. Ok, you are ready, now click the call button, www.FreeVoiceLine.com will first call your phone and then it will connect you to your desired calling number for free in America or Canada,

Always good to check the fine prints too, when using these type of free VOIP calling providers though they provides free VOIP calls but may be could share your phone numbers with telemarketers, depends I am not saying this to these above particular VOIP providers but just a suggestion to read always the fine prints before going!

Free Voice Line also provide for an API so you can embed FreeVoice Platform within your blog or website / app to let make your site visitors could dial free VOIP calls directly from your web property!


They also provide for call me widget / button to put on your webpage so your visitors can call you any time and you have not to reveal your phone number:

Also you can use Facebook's, Phonebook with FreeVoiceLine.com's to make your facebook friends a free VOIP call, all the long calling / distance charges are free! They claim that they are really like saying the word free...





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Anonymous said...

Calling America is a great service!! However, i have been using Vopium earlier and i was very satisfied with it - i will try CallingAmerica too!

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