Mobile VOIP; Skype for iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, Nokia, Windows Mobile, PSP, PC

It seems Skype has 'SKYPED' like the Sky & swept whole of the world now, wireless communication is the monopoly of P2P Skype VOIP, the E-Bay company which hails from Estonia (Europe),

‘Googling’ and ‘Skyping’ are the daily routine chores of any Netizen now!

VOIP International call are free within Skype users, anywhere in the world and PC to PC the unlimited VOICE-VIDEO call could be done using broadband Internet or Voice over Internet protocol,

Now the great thing is that Skype VOIP is also coming to BlackBerry handsets (RIM) by May 2009, this is well expected by the VOIP watchers and Pundits,

Skype VOIP is now officially available for iPhone (Apple) and one can download it FREE from Apple iTune Apps store or from Skype website, than iPhone users can make (over Wi-Fi, hot spots, no 3G sorry) free VOIP-Skype international unlimited calling (Skype to Skype) and also could make cheap unlimited global call using Skype Out credits or with a suitable subscription plan,

Skype for iPhone shoots to number one:

Unfortunately iPhone users currently could not make the Skype VOIP Video calling as Skype is very sensitive to its calling quality and video quality and it will only allow to make Video call over iPhone when its ready that the video quality means 'quality' to the VOIP users,

Skype VOIP call can also be made via Apple iPod in the same way using Wi-Fi, but here the users will need earphones with an embedded microphone for voice calling,

Skype VOIP is already available on Windows mobile and its latest mobile software versions could be downloaded for free from Skype VOIP website,

Skype will come embedded on Nokia N97 soon now and thus one could dial free Skype to Skype call directly from his Nokia N-97 too,

Skype VOIP also could be dialled using Fring, Nimbuzz and TruPhone etc mobile software for windows mobile,

'Skype on Go' is an another useful variant from Skype VOIP world leader, using Skype on Go one could make free to low cost international VOIP voice call from ANY mobile or landline, it saves on international roaming too,



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